Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung announced S-Pen app contest to spur Galaxy Note development

A platform is only as good as the software available for it - just ask your nearest bitter WebOS fan. And while Samsung's Galaxy Note (and soon it's big brother the Galaxy Note 10.1) have been met with mostly positive buzz, there's still only a few apps in the Android Market that take advantage of its unique S-Pen stylus and active digitizer. Samsung hopes to change that, encouraging developers to create new apps for the S-Pen with the Galaxy Note S Pen Challenge. Devs, listen up: this could be worth your while to the tune of $100,000.

Samsung Galaxy Note to show up on the Three UK network

The Samsung Galaxy Note has been an extremely hot topic here in the US as of late, but overseas its been out for quite some time. However, that doesn't mean every carrier is offering it. The Note is set to show up on the Three UK cellular network sometime soon. This was just announced by the carrier themselves, and that they'll be carrying the white version.

Samsung shows off the AT&T Galaxy Note’s artistic side in new video

If you're a phan of the phablet, odds are pretty good that you've got one by now: after months of waiting, AT&T launched their American version of the Samsung Galaxy Note on Sunday. While the Super Bowl ad left a little to be desired as far as showing off the actual device, a new Samsung ad gives the mega-screen Note and its S-Pen digitizer stylus the screen time they deserve. The 60-second commercial should be appearing on American broadcasts soon - though thankfully, they seem to have abandoned the "phablet" marketing.

Samsung Galaxy Note Review [AT&T]

Many questions come to mind with the Galaxy Note. Is it too big? Is the stylus S-Pen necessary? Is the screen real estate worth the loss of portability and more. I've been using it for about a week and have some thoughts regarding these questions. With a huge and vibrant 5.3" Super AMOLED HD display and a dual-core processor this thing should be amazing -- and it is. The biggest concern for many is probably the screen size so we'll dive into that and more with our full review below.

Android Community Evening Wrap-Up: February 16, 2012

Today we had a handful of stories that deserved to be rehashed to make sure those of you that missed them the first time. First up, a rumor surfaced that Android 5.0 'Jelly Bean' could be due in 2nd quarter of this year. The term 'Jelly Bean' hasn't even been confirmed, so take this with a grain of salt. However, sources claim Google is hinting for its hardware partners to consider it for new tablets and notebooks.

Samsung’s official ICS ROM for the Galaxy Note leaked, not all models supported

We've known for some time that Samsung intended to upgrade its gigantic flagship to Ice Cream Sandwich, and it looks like work is well under way to do so. A new alpha ICS ROM for the Galaxy Note has been posted to XDA Developers, and it looks like it's an official Samsung release (complete with TouchWiz). The ROM was spotted on a Chinese forum. Don't boot up your recoveries just yet, Note users: this software only works with the I9220 model number, and it's localized for the Chinese market. The standard international GSM version, and presumably AT&T's version set to go on sale on Sunday, are not supported. Flashing to these devices may brick them.

Samsung Galaxy Note and LG Optimus Vu compared: battle of the phablets

Ladies and gentlemen, 2012 is now officially the year of the insanely huge smartphone. Days ago LG teased its Optimus Vu smartphone ahead of a probably "revolutionary" Mobile World Congress debut, making sure to highlight its 5-inch 4:3 screen. Of course, there's another gigantic Android phone already on the market: Samsung's Galaxy Note, headed to the US later this month on AT&T. Wanna see how they compare? Wish granted, thanks to a Korean blogger at

Samsung Galaxy Note coming in Berry Pink soon, but not soon enough

You know, there's only one thing that might make a gigantic 5.3-inch, 720p Super AMOLED phablet with high-end specs and great battery life even better: a more feminine touch. That seems to be Samsung's thinking, anyway: GSM Arena spotted a Berry Pink variant of the Galaxy Note hanging out on some non-specific internal materials, sitting pretty next to the standard Blue and optional Ceramic White colors. According to the document, the pink version will launch in Week 9 (February 26th-March 3rd) narrowly and tragically missing Valentine's Day.