Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear said to be lacking something special

The Galaxy Gear has yet to arrive in the hands of the public and if this one unnamed Samsung executive continues talking, potential buyers may begin looking elsewhere for their smartwatch needs. The details are coming by way of the Korea Times where that executive admitted that the Galaxy Gear currently "lacks something special." This of course, comes despite other executives talking about how the watch has been "receiving warm response."

Snapchat Micro app arriving for Samsung Galaxy Gear users

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Gear smartwatch in Berlin last week. At the time we learned the specs of the watch and a bit about the availability. In fact, we have already begun to see the watch show up for pre-order in the US market. Since that point we have also seen details about how the watch had 12 apps ready for launch with more than 70 others in the works. Well, it looks like Snapchat will be one of those apps.
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