Samsung Epic Touch 4G

Samsung Confirms Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

Well guys it appears this is a bit more official after this. Samsung has confirmed the Galaxy S II with 4G WiMAX and it will be called the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch on their online training site. I must say that is a HUGE name for a smartphone and it really is just way too long. I'll be calling it the SGSIIE4GT for short, if you call that short.

Samsung Epic Touch 4G Coming September 9th?

Some new sources are now claiming we will see the Samsung Epic Touch 4G hit the market over on the now network in yellow as soon as September 9th. The Epic Touch 4G will be the Samsung Galaxy S II for the WiMax carrier and the 4G in the name is a pretty good indication it will have those fast speeds to go along with it. We first heard about the Epic Touch 4G a few weeks ago and now it might only be a few more weeks wait til we actually see it hit the shelves.