Samsung Droid Charge

DroidLanding has been powered on again, check out Twitter

It looks like the ever so popular @DroidLanding is at it again and has reactivated. The last time we heard from these guys was around 3 or so months ago. For those that don't know, they tweet information or clues as to where you can find your very own DROID for free. The Droid X, and Droid 2 campaigns were both very popular and people were going crazy trying to find these devices all throughout the states.

Verizon Q2 pricing leaked, what DROID is right for you?

DROID... You've all seen the commercials, and the red eye on all of the top tier Verizon Wireless Android Smartphones. So what is right for you? I guess this varies from person to person depending on needs, availability, pricing and all those other exciting things like 4G LTE or a front facing camera. They are tough choices with phones getting better and better lately. It seems they all are just awesome.

Samsung Droid Charge source code released

The Samsung Droid Charge, many might not even know what this device is, or even heard of it. The Droid Charge was originally at CES being mentioned by Verizon as a 4G LTE Device and they did not announce a name for it. Later we heard it was the Samsung Stealth V. Latest news has it as the Droid Charge, it now has that Verizon red DROID Eye.

Samsung Droid Charge eyes Droid lineup

Samsung looks to add to Verizon's line of Droid handsets with the Droid Charge that sports a clever new red eye icon. As the exclusive licensee of the Droid name from Lucasfilm, Verizon has been adding to the Droid brand with phones from Motorola and HTC. The Droid Charge, originally code named the Samsung Stealth V, has identical specs to the Galaxy S but brings a larger, 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen and 4G LTE speed to the mix. The Charge has a single core 1Ghz processor and the same 8mp camera used in the Samsung Fuse 4g, and capable of shooting full 1080p HD video. The Droid Line originally launched under Verizon with the Motorola Droid. Motorola has since expanded it's robot reach with the Motorola Droid X, Motorola Droid 2, and Motorola Droid Pro. HTC wasn't about to be left out and camera along in between with the HTC Droid Eris and Droid Incredible. Now, the Droid family grows against with Samsung's Droid Charge. But what's really interesting is how Samsung is pushing their own, more ornate version of the iconic Droid Red Eye that Motorola launched. HTC wasn't privy to adding the red eye to their marketing, but Samsung has managed to use it with flair. Did Samsung just change it enough to get away with it or are they being allowed to under the terms of their deal with Verizon? Kinda much ado about nothing since it's the phone that really matters, but it's just one of those things that make you go "hmmmmmm." [via PocketNow]
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