Samsung Droid Charge

Samsung Droid Charge getting EE4 Update, Improves 4G Connectivity and Battery Life

The Samsung Droid Charge is just the second phone to launch with Verizon 4G LTE, it may be blazing fast but it is not perfect. Lucky for all you Charge owners Verizon has just given the green light for an update to begin rolling out. The update should come OTA (over the air) right to the device and it should fix a slew of issues and problems as well as bring on many performance and 3G/4G connectivity improvements.

Netflix Streaming Demo on LG Revolution

So the LG Revolution is out on Verizon, and wouldn't you know it, it's got Netflix on it standard. That means it's on it right out of the box. This is a joyous announcement for all those wishing to use their Netflix accounts to stream over HDMI from their Android phones, a thing that most certainly was not a possibility in the past. So how does it look? This is a question you'll be asking once you realize how awesome it could be to have Netflix on your LG Revolution - thusly we've got a demo for you.

Amazon beats Verizon, drops Droid Charge to $199

If you haven't already ordered the amazing and blazing fast Droid Charge you might want to keep reading. Amazon has done what they've done many times in the past and are offering a lower price than Verizon Wireless for the brand spanking new Samsung Droid Charge. When pricing first leaked the Droid Charge was listed as $299 with a new 2 year contract when the pricing has usually been $199 for smartphones. Verizon stuck with that price for some reason, but Amazon is here to save the day.

Interviewing a DROID Charge Hunter from Start to Delivery

As you may know, if you've been following Verizon's DROID hub on twitter, on their DROID DOES site, or on basically every Android-centric blog on these internets, Verizon is running a contest where people are winning DROID Charge units. They've been running this contest for a few weeks now, straight through the days when we didn't know if the phone was dead before being released all the way to now, when you're able to run right in to a Target or a Verizon store and pick one up. We've got San Diego winner David Baldwin on the line here with all the juicy details of those uncertain days. How did he survive such terror of not knowing? We shall see.

DROID Charge Receives OTA Update at Launch

This mystical magical phone manufactured by Samsung and released by Verizon as the DROID Charge has been an object of some mystery as of late, having been sent out to reviewers (including Android Community) earlier than launch, a bit of a delay affecting the launch, then the device launching nationwide over this past weekend at locations like Verizon standalone stores as well as Target's mobile section. Now, not a few days after its official sending-off party, the DROID Charge has its first over the air update. It's not too big, but you should sure download it.

DROID Charge Heading To Verizon Tomorrow

The Samsung DROID Charge is slated as the second smartphone ever to be running on Verizon's 4G LTE network, but up until now its release date has remained a mystery. Delays of its launch may have been caused by the LTE outage a few weeks ago, but even after the network came back on, there was no news on a firm date. But fortunately today it's just been confirmed by Verizon that the DROID charge will finally be launching tomorrow.

DROID Charge at Target (but you can’t have it!) [FROM THE FORUMS]

As you may well know by now if you're one of the folks waiting for the DROID Charge to come out, you've got an indefinite time ahead of you before it's in your hands. On a nice trip to their local Target Superstore today one of our ravenous street team has sent us a few photos of what it looks like to cry and get so close, yet so very far away. At first glance it appears that Target does indeed have the DROID Charge in stock - in two places, mind you, but the truth is only about a foot away.
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