Samsung DoubleTime

Samsung DoubleTime Review

The flexibility of Android and the continuing march of mobile technology progress are making Android available on hardware and price points that would have seemed impossible just a couple of years ago. The latest phone to skirt the line between smartphones and featurephones is the Samsung DoubleTime, a QWERTY phone with a novel hinged and double-screen design. For $50 on a new two-year contract it's definitely on the low end of AT&T's smartphone lineup, but can it stand up on its own? Let's find out.

Samsung Glide, Doubletime and other AT&T devices get priced

AT&T has announced a wide range of Android phones over the past month and they will all finally be available come November 20th. First announced back in October on Monday AT&T shared the details and told the world they will all be available online and in-stores come Sunday, November 20th. Those include the Samsung Captivate Glide, the Samsung Doubletime, Pantech Pocket and the AT&T Avail. Today they've just announced pricing and we have the details below.

Samsung DoubleTime hands-on and unboxing [Video]

AT&T's latest entry in the entry-level smartphone game is the Samsung DoubleTime, an Android handset with a form factor you've probably seen a lot more often on feature phones. In fact, this particular type of phone used to be known as a "messaging phone" with a flip-out keyboard designed for fast and easy texting, emailing and the like. The DoubleTime is aimed squarely at first-time smartphone buys with a $49.99 price and specs to match - let's take a look.