Samsung Captivate

Samsung Captivate Now Available for Rogers Wireless

Rogers Wireless was meant to carry the Samsung Captivate, the same device that launched for AT&T here in the States not too long ago, for awhile now, but it seems that the shortage of displays proved a bit too problematic for the Canadian carrier. However, that's all over and done with, as Rogers Wireless has officially announced that they have Captivates in store, ready to go.

Samsung Galaxy S unlock hack is easiest to date

Samsung's Galaxy S series may be relatively special in the US for being a smartphone launched - in various identikit forms - across multiple carriers at the same time, but what if you want to use your AT&T Captivate on T-Mobile USA's network?  Happily Samsung seem to almost be conspiring against their carrier partners by apparently including unlock codes for the Galaxy S series in files actually on the smartphones themselves. The clever souls over at xda-developers have come up with a tool to extract said-codes from the .BAK files in which they lurk, and have put together a full guide on how to use it.  Since you don't need to root the Galaxy S in order to unlock it, and there's also a relock system, you can even restore the phone to as-delivered condition should you need to send it back to your respective carrier. As ever, doing any modifications of this sort leaves you facing the risk of a bricked handset, but so far reports on the process seem positive.  It works on both the US versions of the Galaxy S - e.g. the T-Mobile Vibrant and AT&T Captivate - as well as the European Galaxy S model. [via TechTicker]

Samsung Captivate for AT&T Gets Processor Overclocked to 1.2GHz

When it comes to processors in our high-end Android devices, the benchmark at this point is that 1GHz point. It wasn't too long ago that that that speed was something of a novelty, something to be stared at due to its rarity. Obviously that isn't the case anymore. And one of the best parts of having a fast phone, is making it even faster. That's why it'll be good news to hear that the Captivate, the Samsung Galaxy S variant for AT&T has been overclocked to 1.2GHz.

Samsung Captivate and Vibrant Launching on Rogers and Bell Respectively

No surprises here, folks. Though, it is a bit strange to see that the Captivate and Vibrant are the options being sent up to the Great North, and not the international version of the Galaxy S. It must have something to do with the 3G bands, and how they don't have to work too hard to make them work on the Northern wireless carriers. In any event, both the Vibrant and Captivate are making their way up to Canada -- this month.

Samsung Captivate Source Code Released by Samsung

Samsung, unlike Motorola, apparently wants you to have fun with your device, outside the normal restrictions. They have already released the source code for the international version of the Galaxy S, and now it looks like they want to do one better. They've just released the source code for the Samsung Captivate -- the version that was released on AT&T not too long ago. (Yeah, the one you can't side-load apps on.)

Clean your Samsung Captivate from Bloatware

If you are an owner of Samsung Captivate, this is the best news you might ever heard so far in regards to bloatware. Many of you are finding that Samsung Captivate has captivate your heart and you just love everything about it except those preloaded AT&T apps. Most of us would like to keep our phone away from bloatware, but it's not as easy as uninstalling app that you installed from Android Market. Fortunately, guys at XDA-developers has come up with a solution to get rid of those bloatware.

Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile Unboxed and Compared to AT&T’s Captivate

Android Police have unboxed the Samsung Vibrant, and they've even managed to compare it to the Samsung Captivate. Another device in the Galaxy S lineage, launching on AT&T. As we are all already aware, there are many similarities between both devices. They both have a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, and mostly the same specifications. But, in the end, the Vibrant seems more complete and solid than the Captivate, according to the folks behind the unboxing.

Samsung Captivate for AT&T Unboxed and Handled by SlashGear

You've been aching to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy, ever since it was announced. And then, sure enough, Samsung came through with their intentions and announced a comparable device on each of the main wireless carriers here in the United States. They're all getting one. Which means that most of us out there have some options, and you know how we feel about options (they're great). But, you're probably waiting to see what it looks like out of the box, right? How about some video? Good. Because we've got that for you now, thanks to the fine folks over at SlashGear.

Samsung Captivate and Samsung Fascinate Commercials Emerge

Samsung has released promo videos for both the Samsung Captivate and Samsung Fascinate, which are heading to AT&T and Verizon respectively. We already know the pricing for the Captivate: $199.99 on a new, two-year contract after a $100 mail-in rebate. It's set to launch on July 18th. Unfortunately, Verizon hasn't said anything about the Fascinate's pricing or release date. The commercial itself is really brief and pretty self-explanatory, and is actually the same exact video we showed you about the Samsung Vibrant, for T-Mobile. Just showcases the physical differences in the devices, while the "main gist" of the videos is exactly the same.
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