Samsung Captivate

Samsung Captivate Glyde headed for AT&T

Here's a photo chaser for all the high-end hardware rumors that have been breaking lately. The phone you see below is the Samsung Captivate Glyde - not to be confused with the Captivate, or, uh, the Glyde. Sources pin this one as a Q1 2012 release for AT&T. Details are scarce, but from the looks of it,  we've got a 3.5-4-inch QWERTY slider on our hands. Based on the name alone, this may be an updated AT&T version of the Epic 4G.

Samsung Captivate gets CyanogenMod 7 officially

For those that might not know the Samsung Captivate, a Galaxy S phone has recently been getting a little buzz about finally getting CyanogenMod 7. There has been a little chatter about it over the last few weeks, and that is simply because people can build CM7 ROM's for phones using the open source kitchen that the CyanogenMod and TD team has in place, so they were unofficial builds that were created by developers. Tonight is the first official nightly build and it is available now.

Samsung Galaxy Devices Reveal Silicon Art [WARNING]

There's a few places that are really great to put a warning on a device. As a manufacturer, you can put a warning on the box of a bit of technology, just so long as that warning isn't going to tell the user about a possible blast into the ear. If there is going to be a blast into the ear of the user, the user would probably be better off having the warning about the blast be on the device itself. Sometimes there's another place for a warning, and that's deep within the device, under all the plastic, under all the metal. This is sometimes also known as Silicon Art.

Samsung Captivate Froyo Update Tomorrow!

After a bigtime tease and upset yesterday, it appears that owners of the Samsung Captivate will be getting a taste of the frozen one tomorrow. Yesterday had a rescinded webpage from Samsung, but last week there was word from AT&T that Froyo would be coming this week. Currently the news is coming from AT&T's official Facebook page that indeed the Android 2.2 update will be coming soon, for real, as in so soon you'll start seeing it tomorrow.

ATRIX 4G Available at Radio Shack Aside $50 Trade-In Offers

Radio Shack has entered the fray with the rest of the carriers showing off their stock of the brand new Motorola ATRIX 4G, offering it up at the low low price of $149.99 both online at select stores (aka most of the stores, but you never know!) They've also reminded us that they've got at least the Laptop Dock for utilizing the smartphone to the fullest, offering this up at $329.99 with the purchase of the ATRIX 4G smartphone, this being $150 less than you'd pay for the dock on its own.

Samsung Pulls Captivate Update Page After News Leaked

News leaked out today that an Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for the Samsung Captivate was imminent and the evidence was the update page itself. Then, it appears Samsung heard about it and promptly pulled the page with no explanation given. Originally, the update was to be rolled out via the "Kies Mini" method, rather than traditional over the air option. Last week, AT&T Captivate users were given hope the change was coming with the news that support for the frozen dairy desert OS was being added, so why the Samsung page was being abruptly pulled is anyone's guess.

Is AT&T adding Froyo support to the Samsung Captivate?

Samsung Captivate fans who have been languishing with older versions of Android can now rejoice as AT&T seems to be gearing up to update the Captivate to Android 2.2 (Froyo).  According to it's support page for the Captivate, users can drill through instructions on how to locate the Captivates firmware version and right there is a reference to firmware version 2.2 running TouchWiz overlaid.  That offers a ray of hope for Captivate users who have seen other handsets, including the Galaxy S scream by with vs. 2.3 (Gingerbread).

Samsung Fascinate, Captivate, and Vibrant First Free Phones Revealed for Best Buy Free Phone Fridays

Tomorrow at Best Buy Canada you'll have the opportunity to participate in Best Buy's "Free Phone Fridays," a promotion where you'll be able to grab any of the phones listed on a particular Friday's list.* *With a three year contract, of course. Is it worth three years of being tied to one single phone? How about if you also participate in their Buy Back program? There might be a glitch in this plan...

Samsung Galaxy S Devices in the US Listed as Having Android 2.2 on Samsung’s Product Page [Update]

It wouldn't be the first time, or even the second, that someone in control of a company's website jumped the gun in one fashion or another. But, for Samsung, perhaps letting someone inform the world that devices like Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G, and Verizon's Samsung Fascinate as having Android 2.2 right now isn't the smartest idea. That is, of course, unless you plan on updating those devices right now.
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