Samsung Captivate Glide

AT&T Samsung Captivate Glide getting Ice Cream Sandwich tomorrow

If you happen to own a Samsung Captivate Glide through AT&T, then you'll probably like this next bit of news. AT&T has announced that the long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update will be available for the Captivate Glide starting tomorrow, November 10. Of course, it's now been over a year since Android 4.0 was released and there are even a few devices running Android 4.2 these days, but who's really keeping track of that stuff anyway?

Samsung Captivate Glide review

It seems that lately Samsung has been trying to cover all levels of the smartphone market, and with most carriers too. With the Samsung Captivate Glide they've done just that over on AT&T. Along with the Doubletime and a few other phones they have the entire range covered. Today we'll be showing you the mid to higher end of that spectrum with the Captivate Glide and its slide-out QWERTY keyboard and dual-core processor. It might not be the biggest or the best but it will put up a good fight, that is for sure.

Samsung Glide, Doubletime and other AT&T devices get priced

AT&T has announced a wide range of Android phones over the past month and they will all finally be available come November 20th. First announced back in October on Monday AT&T shared the details and told the world they will all be available online and in-stores come Sunday, November 20th. Those include the Samsung Captivate Glide, the Samsung Doubletime, Pantech Pocket and the AT&T Avail. Today they've just announced pricing and we have the details below.

Samsung Captivate Glide and Doubletime hit AT&T November 20th

Back in October AT&T unloaded a list of five new Android smartphones coming soon for a part of their fall lineup and while the Atrix 2 has already launched, we are still waiting on the others. If you've been following @ATT you'd have seen that today they announced many of those phones will be available starting November 20th. Most importantly that will be when the Captivate Glide hits the streets.