Samsung Behold II

Samsung Behold II Heading to Cincinnati Bell, Runs Stock Android

Wow, this one's a curve ball. The Samsung Behold II has had a torrid affair with the Internet lately, with the fact that it got denied Android 2.x, received an update to Android 1.6, but then that too got pulled. No fun for anyone, if you ask us. But, that's not stopping the folks over at Cincinnati Bell from getting their hands on it, and getting ready to launch it on their own 3G-enabled network.

Samsung Behold II OTA’s Are Rolling Out

The lack of support from everyone involved with this phone has been the focal point of many people losing faith in Samsung. It’ll probable never see Android 2.0+ even though there is a petition going around to make this happen. Regardless, we are hearing word that the OTA to 1.6 has started to arrive on a few Behold ll’s. Android 1.6 offers a whole world of possibilities for the Behold ll. along with this update to 1.6, Samsung is including Google Voice, Google Maps with navigation as well as the Swype keyboard. There are other various bug fixes thrown in also. Even with these extra goodies being tossed in, I still don’t see many users being happy about this whole situation. [via tmonews]

Samsung Behold II for T-Mobile Getting Android 1.6 on June 28th, Rumors Suggest

The debacle that is the update schedule (or, lack of a schedule, really) for the Samsung Behold II is something that we covered just a few weeks for you. And, while we do admit that it's not very good news for Behold II owners out there that were expecting to get Android 2.x, we do have to say that at least they're getting an upgrade at all. After all, considering the Samsung Moment probably did world's better sales wise for Sprint than the Behold II did for T-Mobile, it wouldn't have surprised us if they just looked over the Behold II completely.

Samsung Behold II is Getting Android 1.6

Samsung came under fire the last couple of days because of their Behold II handset, which launched on T-Mobile USA a few months back. When it did launch, it did so with Android 1.5, and as you're probably more than aware, that put the handset at a big disadvantage as the months rolled by, and Google released applications that could only be utilized with the 1.6 version. And, of course, then came Android 2.x.