LG Optimus LTE sells a million worldwide

Though their footprint in the United States isn't as large as they'd like, LG remains a major player in the worldwide smartphone game. case in point: the company announced today that its current flagship, the Optimus LTE, has sold over a million phones in all its various territories. LG's home country of South Korea accounts for a whopping 600,000 phones all by itself, with the rest being split between the United States, United Kingdom, United States and Canada.

HTC on the ropes: revenue falls 30% in November

If you're a fan of HTC's phones, you might want to stop reading now. The Taiwanese company's total revenue dropped by over four hundred million dollar equivalent in November, from NT$44,114 billion down to NT$ 30.942 billion in a single month. The news comes after HTC had already slashed predictions for the quarter and indicated flat growth - now even those figures seem a little optimistic, despite new launches like the Rezound, Vivid and Sensation XL. HTC did not supply a reason for the downturn.

Online retailer Handtec stops Galaxy Nexus shipments and confirms volume bug

Following the latest Galaxy Nexus news we still have nothing new from Verizon but we did get an update from the popular online retailer Handtec. In a statement on their official blog the British retailer has announced they've stopped all shipments of the Galaxy Nexus and have confirmed there is some sort of volume bug. We reported on this earlier this week and it appears they are finally doing something about it.

More than 50 percent of all smartphones sold worldwide run Android

The global domination of Android has seemed inexorable for the last year and a half, and now new research tells us what we've long suspected. According to Gartner, more than half of all smartphones sold worldwide use Android as of the third quarter of 2011. To be exact, 52.5% of all new smartphones sold come with Google's OS in one form or another, with 60 million units and change being sold in the three months period. That's an almost 200% rise over the same time span last year.

Amazon could ship 5 million Kindle Fire units this year

We already know that Amazon's Kindle Fire is a hit: it's reached the top of Amazon's internal sales charts and has made a good bit of buzz on its rock-bottom price. Now a supply chain analyst is predicting that Amazon could order 5 million Fire tablets before the end of the calendar year, making it the first tablet seller to truly rival Apple's iPad. Between Amazon's selling prowess and its integration with its own digital library, they're poised to make an incredible entrance into the tablet market.

ALL Verizon phones are just a penny through this weekend at Amazon

Did you avoid springing on a $79 HTC Rhyme? Still haven't picked up that $50 Thunderbolt? Well good things come to those who wait, my friend, and today everyone can take their karmic patience all the way to the bank. Amazon Wireless is hosting a huge Penny Pincher sale, and every single Verizon Android device is included. They're all just one single, solitary penny until 12:00 AM Pacific Time on Monday night/Tuesday morning. Naturally all these deals come saddled with a new two year Verizon contract - you've got to pay the piper. And while plenty of top-tier phones are included, Verizon's myriad tablet offerings aren't. If you're determined to ruin a good deal with poor choices, you could also pick up a "featurephone" like the Samsung Gusto, or choose from a solid half-dozen BlackBerry phones - watch out for those service outages. The only thing you won't find on the list is any iPhones. Sorry, Apple fans, you know they keep a tight leash on retailers. Highlights on the superphone side of things include the Motorola DROID BIONIC, the HTC Thunderbolt and the Samsung DROID Charge. If you don't live in a 4G LTE coverage area, you might want to check out the DROID 3, DROID X2, Sony XPERIA Play or LG Revolution. Looking for something a little smaller? Try the DROID PRO, the HTC Rhyme or the Pantech Breakout. The choice is yours, but don't spend too much time making it; with these prices Amazon's stock may not hold out until the Monday night deadline. [via SlashGear]
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