Nexus 7 could hit retail stores this Thursday

Google's new Nexus 7 tablet is causing quite a stir from potential buyers. With such an awesome tablet for a low price everyone seems to want one. While earlier today the Play Store changed the "expected ship date" from 3-4 weeks to 1-2 weeks, we are now seeing more than one retail store suggesting it will be available on Thursday.

Google Nexus 7 production costs estimated at $184

When Google announced their new ASUS made Nexus 7 tablet at Google IO for the low price of just $199 there was a roar of cheers and clapping. Offering such a high quality product with top of the line specs at that price surely isn't easy. After initial reports suggested Google would make zero profit on the tablet we now have additional details.

Samsung’s Galaxy S line sells 50 million worldwide

If there's any doubt that Samsung is the current king of Android smartphones (and smartphones in general, as a matter of fact) let it be put to rest here. The company has issued a statement that its Galaxy S and Galaxy S II phones have reached the hands of more than 50 million distributors worldwide. Combine that with an estimated 10 million pre-orders for the brand new Galaxy S III, and you've got what is easily the best-selling line of Android phones ever.

Samsung Retail Store headed to Canada this summer

Samsung is aiming to open their first actual brick and mortar retail store later this summer in Canada. It appears that Samsung will be opening up shop in Burnaby, British Columbia and like stores such as Apple will have an extensive set of demonstrations and hands-on booths for many of their top selling products.

Motorola earnings report posts $121m loss in Q1 2012

The numbers are in and they aren't looking good. Today Motorola Mobility announced their earnings report for Q1 of 2012 and so far they aren't off to a great start. Between the looming Google acquisition and slumps in sales things are a little shaky, but not too bad. While their overall numbers reported a decently large loss their mobile hardware and smartphone division is still doing pretty good.

Google’s original Android tablet UI design revealed

In case you haven't been following along today. Google and Oracle are still knee-deep in battle and their lawyers have their work cut out for them. Lucky for us the lawsuit by Oracle is revealing all sorts of juicy information. From the original "Google Phone" in 2006, to the first ever revenue numbers of Android alone and more. All that and more can be seen below but check out this photo from 2010 revealing Google's initial tablet UI for Android.

Samsung Galaxy Note sells 5 million worldwide

It's not just pachyderms that love the Galaxy Note - the oversized smartphone seems to be a hit with those on two legs as well. Samsung has announced that its Galaxy Note has sold more than five million units worldwide, just five months after its introduction in Europe. As the phone has spread to Asia and North America it's winning a share of the market that many thought impossible for a device with such an unconventional form factor - and the many millions that Samsung has spent on promotion doesn't hurt, either.

Samsung ships 20 million Galaxy S II units in 9 months

Here at Android Community, we're big fans of Samsung's Galaxy S II - we liked it enough to name it our favorite Android device of 2011, over such worthy contenders as the Galaxy Nexus and the Transformer Prime. Apparently we aren't alone: Samsung announced that they've shipped a whopping 20 million Galaxy S II phones since the international launch in May, matching the sales of the original Galaxy S so far for a combined total of 40 million. With around 300 million Android devices in the wild, that makes the Galaxy S family easily the most popular section of Android devices on the planet.

LG Optimus LTE sells a million worldwide

Though their footprint in the United States isn't as large as they'd like, LG remains a major player in the worldwide smartphone game. case in point: the company announced today that its current flagship, the Optimus LTE, has sold over a million phones in all its various territories. LG's home country of South Korea accounts for a whopping 600,000 phones all by itself, with the rest being split between the United States, United Kingdom, United States and Canada.
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