Samsung Galaxy S III becomes T-Mobile’s best-selling device

Here's a bit of news that will surprise absolutely no one: T-Mobile has announced that the incredibly popular Samsung Galaxy S III has become its best-selling device of all time. Considering the massive marketing campaign Samsung launched for the device, along with the excellent reviews the S III was met with, we're not all that shocked to hear that the flagship has been selling like hotcakes at T-Mobile.

Google Music Fall Flash Sale offering fresh albums for $2.99

Is it just us or does it seem like Google is having a sale on music on a daily basis? Every time you head to the Play Store you'll be greeted with a few new albums for $3.99 and sometimes even less. This time around the sales are impressive though. Their Amazon approach offering free daily songs, good deals, and low prices should hopefully be helping Google Play Music grow. Today they've announced a new "Flash Sale" offering fall classics for just $2.99 per album.

Gameloft details “Big Android Sale” for Labor Day Weekend

The extremely popular game developer on Android that you should all know plenty by now, Gameloft, has just announced that they'll be hosting a "Big Android Sale" for the Labor Day weekend. Surely this is one of many sales that will be going on, so all you gamers should be ready to spend some dollars. More details below.

Nexus 7 8GB “sold out” on the Google Play Store [Update: Back]

While we don't know exactly what type of sales numbers Google and ASUS have seen with their new Nexus 7 tablet, we expect them to be great. With such an amazing device all for the low price of $199 how can it not sell? After it sold out just about everywhere initially back in July, we are now seeing it sell out on the Google Play Store too.

HTC exits South Korea market due to poor sales

HTC has been off to a pretty great start here in 2012 with their HTC One line of smartphones. With good international sales, and stateside with the HTC One X, and One S mainly. Despite having a few awesome smartphones their Q2 report wasn't that great, and now we are hearing poor sales is making them completely pull out of the South Korea market that is dominated by Samsung.

HTC turns down the music, gives back half of Beats Audio shares

HTC has turned down the music in what appears to be a scale back of their plans with the music company Beats Audio. I'd be lying if I said I was surprised, as I wasn't too sold on the idea to begin with. In what HTC is calling “a realignment of their business agreement” they've sold 25% of their 51% stake back to Beats, and now is no longer the majority stockholder.

Samsung Galaxy S III sales hit 10 million

Samsung's latest in the Galaxy S line has unsurprisingly proven to be quite popular with smartphone owners out there, with the company claiming that total sales of the Galaxy S III to date have climbed past 10 million. The phone is hitting that sales milestone ahead of expectations, thanks in no small part the massive marketing campaign Samsung has rolled out to hype the new handset. What makes this even more impressive is that the Galaxy S III has only been available in Europe and Asia since the end of May, with North American carriers first getting the phone only last month.

Nexus 7 sells out nationwide at most retailers

Google's brand new flagship Nexus 7 tablet has officially launched today. It started shipping yesterday from various UK retailers, Gamestop in the US started sending out confirmations that those who pre-ordered could pick theirs up, and Google's Play Store has begun shipping all pre-orders as of this afternoon. We are now seeing multiple retailers and sites across the US already selling out -- which is a good sign for Google but a bad sign if you haven't ordered one yet.
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