LG: High demand is to blame for Nexus 4 shortage

Today some reports and comments are coming out from the folks at LG regarding supply and demand for the hotly anticipated and selling like crazy LG Nexus 4. As you all know, the new smartphone has sold out in 20-30 minutes almost every time it has been available. Today CNET UK had a quick talk with LG and they had some rather bland and "duh" replies.

HTC hires new CMO in hopes to stop their downward spiral

It's no secret that lately times have been a little tough for good ol HTC. Their market share has seen large declines over the past few years, especially throughout 2012 while fending off Apple in court and Samsung on the shelves. Today however there is a sign of good news as HTC has just taken a big step and hired a new CMO. They've appointed Benjamin Ho as their new Chief Marketing Officer.

HTC tries their luck at physical retail stores

Now that Apple's stores full of glass walls and gadgets are so popular it seems that everyone is trying to do the same. When I first heard HTC was opening stores I thought, no. Just no! Low and behold just like Samsung and and even Microsoft, HTC has just opened their own store although it's inside of another store in Hamburg, Germany.

Kindle Fire on sale for $129 for Cyber Monday

Black Friday may have come and gone, but the chances to get good deals for the holiday season is still here with Cyber Monday. Amazon is one of the leaders for saving money on Cyber Monday, and it is offering the Kindle Fire for only $129 on Cyber Monday. If you don't want the "Special Offer" subsidized model, it will cost $144, which is still a savings.

Gameloft announces holiday sale, top Android games all just $0.99 tomorrow

It's that time of year again folks. Time to enjoy some delicious food, plenty of drinks, and enjoy some time with the family and friends, or those terrible in-laws. Black Friday is quickly approaching, followed by Cyber Monday and surely we'll be reporting on tons of good deals. Today Gameloft has just announced they'll be beating the rush and offering some great deals starting tomorrow.

Qualcomm revenue tops $19 billion in 2012, $4.9bn in Q4 as smartphones surge

Today the folks from Qualcomm have posted some annual and quarterly earning reports that were quite impressive. Not only did they release their Q4 financial results, but also their entire 2012 fiscal year -- which is up 28% year-over-year actually. Head on past the break for more details on Qualcomm's earnings, and how smartphone and Snapdragon sales have them staying at the top.

Google Exec talks about the Nexus strategy

Google's Nexus program is growing, and growing fast. With awesome devices available now, and a whole new array announced for this month things are looking good. The Nexus strategy is a push back at Apple and Microsoft's greed according to one Google executive, who also states the acquisition of Motorola Mobility was more to “disarm” attacks than it was to dive into hardware. Read on below for more details.

Sony Xperia Tablet S sales to resume in November

Recently, Sony was forced to pull sales of the Xperia Tablet S because of a leak in the waterproof seal. The 9.4-inch device used its water resistance as a major selling point, and when it was found that there was a possible issue with the seal, Sony was forced to cease sales of the tablet to address the problem. Well starting in the middle portion of next month, Sony is going to resume sales of the Xperia Tablet S, with the leak problem taken care of.
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