Samsung Galaxy S IV sales expected to pass 100 million

While we've already heard and seen our fair share of Galaxy S IV rumors, some new reports are coming out this week claiming that Samsung's prepared to sell over 100 million units. That's a bold statement, although a pretty fair assessment if you ask us. Last we heard the Galaxy S III sold over 50 million devices, and this new phone should be even more successful.

LG Optimus L Series sales top 15 million

Coming just a day after LG announced their Optimus L Series II line of smartphones, sales of the currently available Optimus L Series devices have reached a new milestone. In short, LG has said Optimus L Series sales have topped 15 million. This handset originally launched during Mobile World Congress in 2012 and according to LG, has been selling at the rate of one device per second over the previous two months.

AT&T Q4 posts $32.6bn in revenue, still loses $3.9 billion

Just like many others this past week the folks from AT&T are holding their earnings and financial results calls today. As usual we are following along for anything interesting, while also watching Apple's stock, and today AT&T posted some decent numbers although they still raked in a net loss. According to the report AT&T posted $32.6 billion in revenue for Q4 of 2012.

Android vs iOS by the numbers as 2013 kicks off

The mobile landscape was quite exciting throughout 2012 on both sides of the isle, but especially for Android. With millions and millions of devices shipped and sold from the Galaxy S III, Nexus 4, to the iPhone 5. While we've all seen the numbers - which we'll mention again below - now that 2013 is in full stride lets look forward on how 2013 will come into its own.

LG expects to sell 75 million phones in 2013

LG has set their sights high for 2013. Just like many companies preparing for the new year, LG is aiming for some impressive sales numbers and has recently detailed a few of their goals and expectations. In 2012 LG sold roughly 55 million phones but according to the Korean Times they plan to sell quite a bit more in 2013.

HTC’s November sales numbers still in a slump, down 31 percent

The folks from HTC have been facing some increasingly stiff competition. We've been following their sales numbers for some time now, a trend that keeps getting worse and worse, and today's November sales surely don't look any better. HTC recently released an impressive flagship smartphone in the US on Verizon Wireless. The HTC DROID DNA with a first of its kind 5-inch 1080p display, but it wasn't quick enough to help out this month.
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