Verizon Wireless could be headed to Canada

Canada is where I currently live, and people are going crazy. You see, right now, there is a heavy monopoly of our wireless network by Telus, Bell, and Rogers. That equates to super high phone bills. That could soon change however, if Verizon has its way.

EU Watchdogs inquiring to Google about Android

As of late, it seems as if the EU Regulations Commission has been pestering everyone for their doggy treats. But none more so than Google and Microsoft, both of whom are the biggest players in their respective segments. This time, the EU is probing Google in regards to reports that they've been discount pricing Android to manufacturers with the expectation that they increase Google App awareness to their clients.

Samsung responds to GALAXY S 4 analyst reports

Samsung CEO JK Shin has spoke out in regards to a recent JPMorgan report. Said report, for those who may have missed that, suggested the GALAXY S 4 was falling short of sales expectations. In addition to the comments from the report, JPMorgan also cut the share price estimates by 9.5 percent and lowered the 2013 earnings estimates by 9 percent. Following the JPMorgan report, a similar report was posted by Morgan Stanley.

HTC One sales are strong as it passes 5 million mark

With all the talk lately regarding trouble at HTC, today we've learned some details about just how well their new flagship smartphone, the HTC One, has actually been doing. The new smartphone has sold roughly 5 million units to date since launch, and even more have shipped. It has been available for around a month and a half, so that isn't too bad.

Google Glass predicted to ship by the millions

Everyone wants a pair of Google Glass. Right? While most of the general public probably has absolutely no idea what "Project Glass" actually is, many of us tech fans are patiently awaiting these next-gen wearable electronics to arrive. And in fact, they are already here for some. Google's recently started shipping Glass to developers, and now we're hearing the could sell over 10 million in the next few years.

Nexus 7 reportedly sold around 4.6 million units

If you've been looking for some hard numbers regarding how many tablets ASUS and Google have sold of their popular Nexus 7, you won't have much luck. The folks from Google are pretty quiet when it comes to sales figures, and we still don't have any concrete details. Today however some analysts have reported that the slate has sold roughly 4.6 million units since hitting the market.

Samsung Galaxy S IV sales expected to pass 100 million

While we've already heard and seen our fair share of Galaxy S IV rumors, some new reports are coming out this week claiming that Samsung's prepared to sell over 100 million units. That's a bold statement, although a pretty fair assessment if you ask us. Last we heard the Galaxy S III sold over 50 million devices, and this new phone should be even more successful.
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