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HTC sales figures for May more than double last years

Sales figures for the highly popular HTC have came out again and I feel like just saying what we have the last three times -- They have gone up, and have gone up fast. HTC has continued to not only beat previous sales records but it looks like they are more than doubling up each year as well. I think they might owe a small piece of that success completely to Android, and when I say small I mean most of it.

Android sales growth 2,000% in past year tips Euro retailer

UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has announced year-on-year growth in excess of 2,000-percent for Android smartphones, recently hitting the one-millionth Android device sale in Europe. The store credits the HTC Desire, HTC Wildfire and Samsung Galaxy S as key segment drivers. Carphone Warehouse is Europe's largest independent cellphone retailer, with over 1,700 stores. Apparently Android was the most popular smartphone OS in the last quarter among its customers, though without comparison figures, of course, it's tough to say exactly how Google's platform has done against rivals like iOS. Press Release:
Android Sales Hit One Million at The Carphone Warehouse 15 March 2011… The Carphone Warehouse is celebrating the sale of its one millionth Android smartphone in Europe. Android has become increasingly popular over the past year and hitting this landmark figure reflects not just the growing demand for Android smartphones amongst consumers, but also the increasing product range they present customers. The success of Android smartphones such as the HTC Desire, HTC Wildfire and Samsung Galaxy S have been key in reaching this milestone, and with new launches including the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Samsung Galaxy S 2, and LG Optimus 3D in the pipeline, it looks set to continue. In addition, exclusive launches like the HTC Incredible S and Google Nexus S ensure customers are offered market-leading, innovative technology as soon as it becomes available. “The speed with which Android has stormed the market is phenomenal,” said a Carphone Warehouse spokesperson. “Year on year growth is well over 2000%. It’s no surprise that Android smartphones have become the smartphone of choice for so many of our customers. Hitting one million Android sales in Europe is great as it proves that our dedication to offering an extensive range and securing top exclusives has really benefitted not just us, but our customers too.”

Amazon Releases Kindle Sales Report with No Numbers

Say what? Amazon presents a report on sales of the newest generation Kindle (3rd-generation) without actually telling the reader how many it has sold. Apparently this is the status-quo for Amazon, as it makes no big deal of instead comparing its sales to sales of previous Kindles it's had in... what's that? The last three months of 2009? What in the world? On a more understandable note, Amazon reports that it's now selling more Kindle titles than paperback and hardcover books. That's a statistic to remember.

Google’s Phone Store Won’t Sell Phones Anymore

Well that didn’t take long. Google’s first dance as a phone store will soon come to an end. They announced today that the Nexus One will now be sold in retail stores instead of online. Many people did not like this move by Google and it’s been proven now that is was not a good choice.
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