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LG expects to sell 75 million phones in 2013

LG has set their sights high for 2013. Just like many companies preparing for the new year, LG is aiming for some impressive sales numbers and has recently detailed a few of their goals and expectations. In 2012 LG sold roughly 55 million phones but according to the Korean Times they plan to sell quite a bit more in 2013.

Barnes & Noble reports huge increase in Nook sales over Thanksgiving weekend

Amazon is not the only company seeing a huge increase in sales over the craziest shopping weekend of the year. In fact, Barnes & Noble is reporting that it sold double the amount of NOOK units over the Thanksgiving weekend. B&N says that NOOK sales "doubled over the four-day Black Friday weekend, across all channels, based on information provided by our channel partners on a sell-through basis compared to the similar period last year.”

Android sales double from Q3 2011 to Q3 2012

A report from analysts Gartner has broken down the sales of smartphones from Q3 2012, and the numbers are rather interesting. As you would expect, Android was the best-selling OS by a sizable margin. Along with that, it also had the highest percentage of market share for Q3, and the competition was not even close.

Research firm IDC says Android scores 75% of market share in Q3

Android has taken a stranglehold on the smartphone market in Q3, at least according to research firm IDC. According to the report, Android locked down 75-percent of the market, coming in way ahead of iOS, which had only 14.9-percent. To put that in actual numbers, about 181 million smartphones were sold, and of those, 136 million were Android.
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