HTC Thunderbolt Official Replacement Battery on Sale for $19.99

For those of you with a HTC Thunderbolt that spend all there time gaming or movie watching over that 4G LTE, Or just love using the Thunderbolt and feel the need for a spare battery for those times in need, it looks like Verizon has it on sale so now is the best time to purchase one. It is listed as the usual $39.99 online but once added to your cart it drops to $19.99. This is the official OEM replacement, not a ebay knock-off.

HTC Thunderbolt on sale for $99 at Verizon for Valued Customers

From what we are seeing from our friends over at Droid-Life the HTC Thunderbolt and a few other phones at Verizon Wireless are on sale now until June 12th. It looks like Verizon is holding a private sale on many devices for what they are calling "Loyal Customers". This may mean long time subscribers, or multi-line customers but apparently certain people have received emails and texts regarding this sale.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ 3G on sale for $259 at Woot

No Woot-off going on today but the ever so popular does have a little android treat for sale today. For those that don't know Woot they have one sale a day, and that is it (excluding woot-offs). So if you want to get in on the action you better act fast. If you're looking for a great way to get into an android tablet at a low price this would probably be your best bet. They have the 16GB Wifi AND 3G Samsung Galaxy Tab from Sprint for $259.

SwiftKey $1.99 For A limited Time

SwiftKey is definitely a favorite keyboard of many here at Android Community. Truly helping you type faster with predictive text, SwiftKey is now on sale for $1.99, down from $3.99.

RunKeeper Pro Free Until the End Of January

Another year has passed, and with a new year starting, we all have some resolutions. And by far the most popular New Year's Resolution is, of course, getting in shape. Living in the technology age we do today, we have many options to help us with this ever popular goal. A great application to help us is Run Keeper, which is by far the best mobile fitness tracking app to date, and to make things even better, it's now free through the end of January.

Dell Streak Price Lowered to $399, Available in January

Good news for everyone planning on purchasing the Dell Streak within the next couple months, Dell has cut the price a whole $180. Now at a $399 price tag, the device, shipping with 16GB storage and Android 1.6 (Android 2.2 available OTA upon first boot), is even a more attractive for users looking for a decent Android based tablet.
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