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AndSpot an Independent App Store

Another market alternative has entered the Android arena. It is called AndSpot, its goal is to provide an alternative to the Android Market all while improving on some of the things the android market is lacking. If you don’t like or find that the Android Market is hard to navigate, this could be the solution you was looking for.

Popular iPhone RPG Zenonia Comes to Android

Gamevil has announced Zenonia for the Android platform. Since its release for the iPhone, it has been one of the most popular games in the AppStore. This game is also available on Windows Mobile and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

Gowalla 1.0 finally hits the Android Market.

Gowalla has been available for Android via a webapp at m.gowalla.com. The full app has been in the market for a day or two now, you no longer have to use your phones browser like you did before when it was in beta. Gowalla users can follow each other and share their activities with their friends in one stream. If you have been using the beta, you will find that the native app is quicker and more polished then the web based beta app.