Runtastic fitness firm announces acquisition by Adidas group

If you’re a fitness aficionado who relies on digital technology to fuel your drive and to monitor your activities, chances are you’ve used one of Runtastic’s many apps and features at one time or another. Depending on how you feel about Adidas, this next piece of news may be good or bad for you. The founders announced that they have joined the Adidas group and will now be part of this sports empire, but as a separate entity.

Humblebrag your Runtastic scores in new Leaderboard feature

There are various reasons why people would want to post their workout or running scores in public. It may be just humble bragging (or outright bragging). It may be to motivate yourself or your friends who are also doing the same training. It may be to show off to friends who are also doing the same training but not doing as well as you. Or it may be to poke fun at yourself. Whatever your reason may be, if you’re using Runtastic, now it’s easier to do that.

Strengthen legs with Runtastic Leg Workout Trainer

Perhaps there are thousands of apps related to health and fitness that it's now a challenge to choose one that will provide solutions to all your needs. For those who want to focus on working out or tuning their legs, the Runtastic Leg Workout Trainer is for you. The app offers easy avatar trainer guides you can follow.

Runtastic Libra now has Android support

Watching your weight is now not just for the weight conscious or models or beauty queens. A lot of people have been eating healthy, doing fitness activities, and of course checking the ups and downs of their weight, all in the name of healthy living. Runtastic Libra is a terrific way of weighing yourself because it can "speak" to your smartphone. Finally, the scale has Android support through an app that will help you monitor and manage not just your weight but your health as well.

Have sweet dreams with Runtastic Sleep Better app

The guys behind Runtastic must be really passionate about health and fitness that aside from tracking your movements, it now wants you to sleep better. But it's just sleep, how can an app make sleep better? Well, this app simply helps to make you fall asleep faster and easily by tracking your sleeping patterns.