Samsung rumored to announce the Galaxy S IV on March 14

Rumors were once calling for Samsung to announce the Galaxy S IV on March 15 and as of today it looks like another possible date has surfaced. Keeping in mind, this latest is still nothing more than a rumor. The latest date is just one day prior to the last -- March 14. Announcement date aside, we cannot help but think some of the importance here will be in availability as opposed to announcements.

HTC One US availability tipped for March 22

Coming as another in a series of HTC One (M7) leaks and rumors, it looks like some price points and release dates have been revealed. The information is dealing with the US release and comes along with some details about the exterior casing. The key here is that while these details all sound believable enough -- nothing is official until we get the word from HTC. Well, HTC or the carriers.

Archos tipped to release three Android smartphones

This wouldn't be the first time we are hearing about an Android powered smartphone coming from Archos, however the rumors have once again begun to surface. So far we have yet to see anything official coming from Archos, the talk however is pointing towards a trio of smartphone. Well, the smartphones and another tablet. Specifically, an 11.6-inch tablet called the 116 Platinum.

HTC M7 to launch as the “HTC One”

It seems we cannot go a day without having some HTC M7 related rumor or leak. Today is no exception as there is now some chatter surrounding the name. According to what we are seeing, the device we have come to think of as the M7 may not launch as the M7. Instead, it may be something much simpler. Something that now looking back seems to make a bit of sense.

HTC 603е photos leak – could be the upcoming M4

HTC is gearing up for what they hope will be a big year in 2013. We already have plenty of details and information on their upcoming flagship HTC M7, but now some details are trickling in regarding their lower-end HTC M4 smartphone. Reports of both an M4 and G2 have surfaced, and today we have images to go along with the details. Check it out below.

Samsung rumors point towards a March 15 Galaxy S IV announcement

Based on the frequency of Galaxy S IV related rumors one thing seems clear, we are going to be seeing an announcement sooner rather than later. Of course, the key here seems to be exactly when that announcement will take place. Earlier rumors have suggested that Samsung was going to be holding a Mobile Unpacked event on March 22, however as of today it looks like we now have another potential date.

Motorola X-Phone rumors claim May release, 5-inch screen, all major carriers

Well we knew they were coming sooner or later. After multiple reports confirmed Google and Motorola were working together on the newly acquired manufacturers next handset, we're now seeing a few tips and rumors with some bold and big claims. Multiple sources have come forward claiming to have some details about a May release date, 5-inch edge-to-edge bezel free displays, and Nexus-like in its OS. Read on for a few of the better rumors floating around.

Sony Yuga smartphone rumors suggest a handset with 128GB of storage

It looks like some additional details have come available regarding one of Sony's 2013 Xperia flagship handsets. Keeping in mind though, these details have yet to be confirmed by Sony and the handset is still going by nothing more than the codename. That warning out of the way, the handset is the Sony Yuga and based on the details we have been seeing -- this looks like it may be an interesting device.
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