HP Zeen Tablet Featuring Android to Launch This September

Despite the fact that HP acquired Palm (the house that built webOS), it looks like HP's first tablet is actually going to be powered by our favorite little green android. The tablet is called the Zeen, and it's not a self-sustaining machine like many of the other tablets out there. It's meant, actually, to be a companion device to HP's upcoming "Zeus" printer, and act more as an interface unit than anything else. But, it's still running Android, so that's got our interest.

Motorola Droid 2 Plagued by Signal Issues?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard about Apple's flamboyant attempts to drag the entire mobile phone industry into its "antennagate" situation. In the mean time though, company's have come out swinging, saying that their devices don't fall into the same shoddy category as Apple's iPhone 4. Motorola was one of those companies, releasing ad campaigns that did their best to deal the Cupertino-based company a blow to the gut, and show potential customers that their handsets don't suffer from any kind of "death grip."

HTC myTouch HD and G1 Blaze to Empower T-Mobile’s Project Emerald Later This Year?

T-Mobile's Project Emerald is still something of a sore subject for a few people out there. Sore, because we still have absolutely no idea what it is. Sure, there's plenty of speculation. Ranging from a new myTouch 3G, to something more akin to a powerhouse like the HTC Glacier, there's no quiet amidst this front. And, it's about to get a lot louder. According to a trusted source speaking with Phandroid, apparently Project Emerald isn't going to focus on one device, after all.

Samsung Epic 4G Set to Launch August 21st?

We're not sure when it happened, but some how the Samsung Epic 4G has managed to gotten itself caught up in some wild accusations regarding its release date. For the most part, and especially compared to other devices, the rumor mill consisting of the banter about its suspected release date has been pretty quiet. But, as we inch closer to that August 11th announcement date (without so much of a peep from the third largest wireless carrier in the States), we're beginning to assume that maybe that date isn't right.

Motorola Delays Android 2.2 Upgrade for Droid Until August 12th?

Shocking: the Android 2.2 update for the original Droid is all messed up. We'd say that we saw this one coming, but we imagine that would be a pretty big understatement. Though, it shouldn't be all that surprising. Considering the work that had to go into the Droid's Android 2.1 update, and the time they had to get that out, it would have been almost miraculous to see Motorola/Verizon get an update like 2.2 out in as little time as they suggested they could.

Verizon to Offer Droid Training on August 12th

This may or may not be any way related to the Droid 2 launching on August 12th. We haven't quite decided. There are a couple of ways to look at this, and it's a strong possibility that the simplest (and most unexciting way) is the logical one, but then again, we love to dig up as many rumors as we can, so why not head down the track with this little bit of news as well?

Motorola Droid 2 Confirmed for August 12th, Sources Say

When it comes to a leak, the best way to get your information is right from the source. And, thanks to some informants within Best Buy, it looks like we've got another flag for the release date of the Motorola Droid 2. You know the one -- it keeps getting leaked all over the place. And, we'll go ahead and say that, while we knew the launch of the Droid 2 was going to be "quiet," considering we're only six days away from its supposed release into the world, it's way too quiet.

Samsung Epic 4G Set to Launch August 11th?

Thanks to a trusted tipster to Boy Genius Report, it looks like we may finally have a release date for the Samsung Epic 4G. That may sound familiar: it's the Samsung Galaxy S variant that's heading to Sprint. Though, the Epic is definitely the more diverse of the Galaxy S devices out there, and probably most noteworthy is the fact that it's going to have that 4G connectivity that Sprint talks so highly about.

HTC Glacier is T-Mobile’s Project Emerald?

When Project Emerald news broke, there was all sorts of speculation surrounding what it could be. Despite all the rumor mongering and speculation, we still don't have a confirmation from T-Mobile what it is. But, we have to keep the rumor mill turning, so here we are with another addition. The HTC Glacier is, supposedly, the device that will spur T-Mobile's Emerald emergence, and it's actually HTC's dual-core processor device.