Two of four new Acer phones leaked ahead of IFA 2015

Acer is expected to unveil at least four new smartphones at next week’s IFA 2015 in Berlin. But even though this event is just a few days away, some people (maybe from Acer themselves!) can’t seem to keep still and now two of those devices have been leaked from “reliable sources”. Initially, rumors were abounding that these devices were going to be Windows-powered, but it looks like the OEM is sticking to Android, at least for the Acer Liquid Z630 and the Acer Liquid Z530.

More images, specs leaked for Lenovo Yoga 3 8” tablet

A few days after some images of the rumored upcoming new Lenovo Yoga 3 were leaked, we have a new round of “guess the specs” and even more pictures of the newest addition to their tablet line. A Ukrainian retailer has actually posted a product page, complete with specs and details of the 8” tablet, and a few image as well. Now as to whether you’ll believe an online retailer over in Eastern Europe is up to you of course, but it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at what it’s saying.

Samsung to reportedly launch an 18.4-inch Android tablet

Have you ever wondered if you actually need an 18-inch tablet in your life? Well if you never actually thought you needed a screen that large, unless you were sitting in front of a desktop or TV screen, then Samsung will reportedly try to change your mind. Reports are saying they are about to launch an 18.4-inch Android tablet in the market soon, on top of all the new tablets that they’ve already released this year.

Sony Xperia Z5 reported dummy photos leaked

Sometimes, we really do wonder if these leaks are actual leaks and not just PR stunts from the OEMs to drum up publicity for their upcoming products. But either way, at least it gives us something to talk and speculate about as the release date draws near (supposedly). We’ve been treated to some leaked images of the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact’s promo image, but now we also have the supposed dummy unit of the Xperia Z5 as well.

Android Pay may launch on Aug 26, as per unofficial McDonalds memo

We’ve been eagerly anticipating when Android Pay will officially launch in retail partner stores, especially as it has been almost 3 months since Google announced their new payment gateway. But until now, we still haven’t had a clear word from them as to when stores will actually start accepting it as a mode of payment. But now it seems that McDonalds has released an internal memo saying that they will start letting customers pay with Android Pay by August 26.

Samsung reportedly will launch new Galaxy O series 

Raise your hand if you think that we need another new Samsung smartphone series that is hard to distinguish from the other series? Show of hands? No one? Well, apparently, the Korean OEM felt that we needed another one as reports are saying they will be launching two new smartphones under a new line that will be called Galaxy O. We still have no clear idea what the differences are between some of the lines, except that Samsung might be trying to complete the alphabet when it comes to smartphone lines.

Sony reportedly to release 4K X-Reality PRO for Xperia devices

The rumors that the upcoming Sony Xperia Z5+ phablet will be the first device to have a 4k display on a screen that size may have received even further confirmation. Sources are saying that the OEM will be releasing a new display software for upcoming Xperia devices and will also be updating their X-Reality, which means it may turn into their 4K X-Reality. While that high a resolution may not be ideal for smaller screens, there may be additional plans, like an updated software, to adjust the pixels to our normal eyes.

Spotify to reportedly offer premium-only content by early 2016

When Spotify first introduced their own music streaming model, the market was still very different back then. But with more services now aggressively marketing themselves, and with pressure from record companies and high profile artists who have pulled out due to royalty issues, the powers that be are rethinking their previous hardline stance about who has access to their full catalog and offering more for premium users. Reports are saying that they are set for a sort-of reformatting of their premium content and it will start by early next year.

Video of supposed new Nexus device from Huawei leaked

While Google hasn’t confirmed yet that the new Nexus device will indeed be manufactured by Chinese brand Huawei, a 10-second blurry video has been leaked and purportedly, it is the rumored smartphone. While the video is too short and unclear to learn specific details about the supposedly upcoming smartphone, we did learn a few more things about it, including what looks like a fingerprint sensor at the back of the device.

Samsung teaser reveals a “mystery tablet” also to be launched 

While we’ve all been abuzz about the official announcement of the Galaxy S6 edge Plus and the Galaxy Note 5, apparently Samsung has one more ace up their sleeve. Well, that is if a tablet could fit up their sleeve. A teaser for the “Unpacked” event happening this week shows that the OEM may be announcing not just 2 but actually 3 devices and the 3rd one might just be a 7-inch tablet or something to that effect.
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