Amazon Kindle smartphone with glasses-free 3D tipped

Amazon is getting ready to release a pair of smartphones, and even an audio-streaming device of some kind, new tips suggests, and one of those smartphones will even feature 3D. It's time to fire up those Kindle smartphone rumors again guys. Apparently the high-end Amazon smartphone will use eye-tracking and glasses-free 3D, among other things, for hands-free usage and much more.

Rumored LG tablet coming later this year could use Android

LG already has a number of gadgets on the market today, and a number of those products use the Android operating system. A rumor has surfaced from Korea hinting that a new tablet is coming from LG in the second half of 2013. What's unclear according to the rumor source is what operating system the tablet will run.

Sony Xperia i1 ‘Honami’ true camera phone specs leak

It sounds like the folks from Sony are finally ready to truly offer a compelling camera solution for Android users. We know Nokia is betting big with their PureView technology, and recently we've been hearing quite a bit regarding cameras on Android smartphones. From HTC's Ultrapixel, Google claiming superior cameras on Nexus phones, and even Samsung could have a 16 megapixel GALAXY S 4 in the works. Well, Sony might beat them all with the Xperia i1 smartphone.

Reports suggest LG will make Nexus 5 for Google

Rumors are circulating today out of Korea that claim LG will produce the fifth device to wear the Nexus name. The device is believed to be the Nexus 5 and so far very little is actually known about the product. The Nexus 4 only launched in November so a Nexus 5 device launching anytime soon would be very unlikely.

Motorola XT1055 ‘X-Phone’ appears in benchmarks

The rumors have been getting pretty wild lately about what to expect from the folks at Motorola and Google now that they've joined forces. The X-Phone has been a hotly debated device, and we've seen a few fake benchmark results appear of the Google X phone too. However, today something a little more realistic sounding has appeared. Read on for our thoughts.

Galaxy Note 3 leaks with 5.9-inch display, 8-core, 3GB of RAM [Updated]

The folks from Samsung are preparing a pretty massive smartphone for later this year. Following their yearly upgrade cycle we're expecting to see the Galaxy Note 3 be revealed sometime in September at IFA 2013, and until today we've been getting conflicting reports on the hardware. The leaked image below gives us an idea of what to expect, which is more of the same, only they've beefed up the internals again.

New Nexus 11 tipped on 2013 Samsung tablet roadmap

Samsung has already announced one new tablet today called the Galaxy 3. Undoubtedly, this one new tablet announced today isn't the only device Samsung plans to launch this year. Rumors also surfaced today hinting at three additional tablets that Samsung will be rolling out in 2013.

Google X with Android 5.0.1 spotted in benchmark results

Don't get too excited folks, because most likely this is completely fake given how easy it is to tweak benchmark tests. According to some new screenshots that are floating around those dark corners of the web, Motorola's famed X-Phone has been spotted being called the Google X, and running the popular AnTuTu benchmark test. We'll take this with a massive grain of salt, that's for sure.