Rovio Account game-syncing arrives for all Android users

Rovio originally announced the accounts setup back in May. This was dubbed the Rovio Account and just as the name would imply, this would let users create accounts. The more important aspect is how that account can then be used to sync your game data across multiple devices. Basically, this meant you would be able to switch from one device to another and pick up in the same spot where you left off.

Rovio teasing a “brand new” Angry Birds Star Wars

Rovio has come forward with the promise of "big news" coming next week. Specifically, they have announced how they will have an announcement coming on Monday. The details are what one would expect from a teaser like this -- light. But with that in mind, this looks to be an announcement that Star Wars fans may want to check out.

Tiny Thief arrives as first Rovio Stars release for Android

Rovio has been teasing the release of Tiny Thief for some time now. We first saw mention of it back in mid-May when they announced the Rovio Stars program. You see, Tiny Thief is coming by way of Rovio Stars but is has actually been developed by 5Ants. This game release marks the second under the Rovio Stars program. But with that in mind, Tiny Thief is the only Rovio Stars release available for Android.

Rovio Stars Tiny Thief game trailer released

Rovio has recently offered up a teaser video for an upcoming release. The game is called Tiny Thief and it will be available for Android users beginning on July 11th. While the game is coming by way of the Rovio Stars program, it has been developed by 5Ants.

Angry Birds Star Wars Lando Bird update arrives

Rovio Mobile has offered up the latest Angry Birds Star Wars update. This one has already arrived in the Google Play Store and for those keeping track -- it is indeed the Lando Bird update. This update joins Lando Bird as he betrays Han Solo and joins the Rebellion. Or perhaps a bit more important, this update has arrived with a bunch of new levels as well as a few other goodies.

Angry Birds GO racing game quietly teased

While all the hype in new racing games from Microsoft and Sony with their respective launches of brand new consoles is enough to make our eyes bleed in succulent happiness, the idea of a new Angry Birds game that involves racing certainly can't be overlooked. If it's to be as comedic as previous Angry Birds titles, it'll be sure to be a blast, and may even (in some way) be the perfect time killer for those taking a break from all the realism that the aforementioned big companies provide.
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