Rovio’s Bad Piggies gets a Halloween-themed update

In terms of Rovio game releases, Angry Birds captures the most attention. But we do have to remember they have other titles available. Rovio has Tiny Thief and Amazing Alex, not to mention Bad Piggies, which was just updated today. As one may suspect given the time of year, this latest Bad Piggies update is halloween themed.

Angry Birds Star Wars II arrives in the Play Store

Despite having a promised release date of September 19th, it looks like Rovio has released Angry Birds Star Wars II for Android a day ahead of schedule. Rovio had said they would be releasing Angry Birds Star Wars II for free and for $0.99. The free version would be ad-supported and the paid version would be ad-free. With that in mind, at this time it looks like only the paid version is available.

Rovio Account game-syncing arrives for all Android users

Rovio originally announced the accounts setup back in May. This was dubbed the Rovio Account and just as the name would imply, this would let users create accounts. The more important aspect is how that account can then be used to sync your game data across multiple devices. Basically, this meant you would be able to switch from one device to another and pick up in the same spot where you left off.
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