Droid Does Sense

Not to be out done by its younger brother, the Nexus One, the Droid now does Sense. HTC's custom Android UI dubbed Sense is the most popular version of any manufacturer's in-house UI. It is full of beautiful widgets (no pun intended) that has deep customization as well as many other options. The most notable features of Sense are the built Flash capabilities and native multi-touch integration.

HTC Hero video promo [Updated]

We don't know where it's from, and we don't know who made it, but a promo video for the HTC Hero has shown up online.  Demonstrating a gloss-red Hero seemingly running the new "Rosie" GUI, the video shows the phone going online, accessing the Android market and generally flaunting its OS capabilities. The "Rosie" homescreen, with its distinctive new clock and control bar along the bottom of the screen, makes several appearances.  The multiple homescreen pages, plus widgets like music control, are also shown, before the video demonstrated mapping and motion-sensitive controls. Finally, there are a full seven HTC Hero devices, each in glossy candy-colors: pale green, pink, yellow, red, black, turquoise and white.  Anybody know any more about the origins of the video? Update: The original video was taken down; here's a copy: [vms 49da13542e0726b7bb75] [Thanks Jiri!]

Android “Rosie” video demo released

Videos demonstrating what's believed to be a future build of Android have been leaked, courtesy of Haykuro of the xdadevelopers forum.  The videos, which you can see below, show a new, advanced Android desktop with more widgets and a streamlined GUI.  The new build is believed to have been taken from a new HTC device, possibly the Hero, and developed by a team of Android fans.  Earlier this week, a video of a Hero build running on a T-Mobile G1 was published. It's unclear when the new firmware - which seems to be going by the codename Rosie - will be released.  More screenshots here. [vms 47e897f954495eab16a8] [Thanks hakeem5!]