Acer Liquid E Android 2.2 Froyo Update Available Now

Users of the Acer Liquid E are finally able to get their hands on Android 2.2 with the official software update available now. The phone, which launched equipped with 2.1 on Rogers and Fido in Canada, can now be updated to 2.2 from Acer Canada's website.

Rogers No Contract Pricing for the Galaxy Tab Leaked

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is available in the US already on T-Mobile and Verizon, and soon AT&T and Sprint, but Canadians aren't so lucky- they haven't even got an official pricing of the famed 7-inch tablet. However, we may be getting a glimpse of what it could be priced at according to a leaked shot of a Rogers pricing chart.

Samsung Captivate Now Available for Rogers Wireless

Rogers Wireless was meant to carry the Samsung Captivate, the same device that launched for AT&T here in the States not too long ago, for awhile now, but it seems that the shortage of displays proved a bit too problematic for the Canadian carrier. However, that's all over and done with, as Rogers Wireless has officially announced that they have Captivates in store, ready to go.

LG Loop for Rogers Now Available for $30CAD on Three-Year Contract

The LG GT540 was first showcased back at CES this year, and while it may not have been explosive enough to blow the socks off anyone even remotely interested in the Android platform, it's still an LG manufactured Android device. That's something noteworthy in of itself. It's been several months since its debut, so it's good to see the device is available on a carrier, even if it isn't one in the United States.

Samsung Captivate and Vibrant Launching on Rogers and Bell Respectively

No surprises here, folks. Though, it is a bit strange to see that the Captivate and Vibrant are the options being sent up to the Great North, and not the international version of the Galaxy S. It must have something to do with the 3G bands, and how they don't have to work too hard to make them work on the Northern wireless carriers. In any event, both the Vibrant and Captivate are making their way up to Canada -- this month.

Roger’s Liquid E, Reviewed by Slashgear

While we wait for our first Acer Android Device our friends in Canada now have the Liquid E. this is second handset in Acer’s Liquid series and it looks almost identical its predecessor. There has been a few welcome additions, first of which is the Snapdragon processor. Like the original Liquid, the Liquid E CPU is also under clocked to 768, so you dont get to enjoy the full befits of the 1GHZ clock speed.
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