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LG Aloha, Still Alive and Headed To AT&T?

Here’s a device that has undergone many changes on its way onto the market. The LG Aloha could very well be the LG LU2300, most of heard that it was renamed Ally but that may not be the case. A device from LG with the model number LG-C710h has just passed through the FCC.

Acer Liquid E to be Priced at $49.99 from Rogers

This June, the Acer Liquid E will be launching for $49.99 on Rogers Wireless. All you have to do to get this get deal is sign away 3 years of your life.   Off-contract, the phone will be costing customers $349.99, and that’s not a bad deal. I would opt for the full price rather than being stuck with the same phone for 3 years. As fast as technology moves, this phone will be dated by the time you’re a third of the way done with your contract.

AT&T and Rogers Wireless Nexus One launches

It's taken them long enough to deliver, but Google have finally added a version of the Nexus One with support for AT&T and Rogers Wireless' 3G/UMTS bands.  Priced at the same $529 as the original Nexus One, the new handset supports the 850/1900/2100MHz frequencies as well as being quadband GSM. The addition follows news reports from analysts that sales figures of the original Nexus One have been particularly disappointing, with only 135,000 devices shipped in the first 74 days it was on sale.  One of the key criticisms of Google has been that they failed to add in AT&T support, leaving Nexus One buyers only able to use T-Mobile in the US if they wanted 3G connectivity. So far there's no sign of a subsidized AT&T/Rogers Nexus One on Google's phone site. [Thanks Toby!]

LG Eve (GW620) Arrives to Canada

The Android phones keep on coming, this time, manufacturer LG has jumped into the Android bandwagon. The Eve, aka GW620 is their first smartphone running on Google's Android OS. According to LG, the Eve Phone will make social networking even friendlier than anything else out there. The LG Eve has made its way into Canada's Rogers Wireless network, it sales for $49.99 on select 3-year plans, and if you want to get it with no contract, it'll set you back $399.99. One of the things that I really love about this phone is the 5-line QWERTY keyboard, besides, it looks pretty cool, at least on the pictures. There’s also a 3-inch resistive touchscreen, with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels, together with, according to Rogers; GSM/GPRS/EDGE - 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and HSPA - 850/1900 Mhz. The first Android LG brings a SNS (Social Network Services) Manager that pulls together Twitter, Facebook and Bebo updates. It sports a 5-megapixel autofocus camera and automatic face recognition tying images into contacts entries. LG Eve will also have a built-in accelerometer, Wi-Fi and GPS. It also comes with built-in Google apps; Google Search, Google Maps and one that I feel every single smartphone out there should have; Google Latitude. Inside the box you will find a 2 GB memory card included, and the Eve comes with support for up to 16 GB MicroSD. You can find out more on Rogers site and have fun watching the videos below. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

Canadians get cheaper Android devices on Rogers

Among the best news fans of Android devices can get from their carriers is that prices are coming down. In fact, the only people who don't like price cuts on devices are those who bought the day before the price was reduced. Canadian Android fans looking for a new device can now head over to their local Rogers Wireless store and pick up a couple Android devices at new lower prices. The two devices are the HTC Dream and the HTC Magic.

Android Community Week in Review: Week 19 2009

Biggest news this week has been the arrival of the Vodafone HTC Magic at Android Community, with an unboxing video and initial hands-on gallery here.  The smartphone is the second to reach the market running Google's Android OS, and according to leaks will show up on T-Mobile USA as the myTouch 3G.  T-Mobile USA will be hoping for strong sales from the handset, too, after the performance of the G1.  That's taken fifth place in the best-selling smartphones in the USA during Q1 2009, beat only by the iPhone 3G and a trio of BlackBerry devices.  It's a confidence in both devices shared by Rogers Wireless, who are planning to offer the HTC Dream (aka G1) and HTC Magic in Canada from June 2nd; meanwhile, slightly further afield, NTT DoCoMo are tipped to be offering the Magic in Japan as the HT-03A. The Magic comes preloaded with Android OS 1.5 "Cupcake", and so it's only fair that G1 owners get the same software update.  T-Mobile USA have finally confirmed that they will be rolling out the latest firmware from the end of this coming week, in an upgrade plan expected to run through to the end of May.  They may be hoping that distracts us from the Android leaks this week: firstly, their own device roadmap which pegs the G1 v.2 and Samsung Houdini as arriving later in 2009, and secondly an in-the-wild sighting of the HTC Hero. Stay with Android Community this coming week for the Vodafone HTC Magic review and more video content!

Rogers Wireless bringing HTC Dream & Magic to Canada

Rogers Wireless have announced that they will be offering the HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1) and the HTC Magic in the Canadian market as of June 2nd.  The two Android smartphones will be the first to run the Google open-source OS to be official on-sale through a carrier in Canada. Rogers have been economical with their press release, basically confirming that each of the handsets are coming, but there's not much we don't already know about the Dream and Magic.  The former has been on sale as the T-Mobile G1 for some time now, and has a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen that slides away to reveal a hardware QWERTY keyboard.  Meanwhile the Magic has roughly the same specifications as the Dream, only lacking the hardware keyboard; it has recently gone on sale in Europe with carrier Vodafone. For now prices and tariffs are unknown, but it's likely that the carrier will offer an unlimited data package for the 3G smartphones.  It's possible to sign up for more information as it's released here. Press Release:
Canadians to Get Android-Powered Smartphones: Rogers Wireless prepares for the Mobile Revolution with the exclusive Canadian launch of the HTC Dream and HTC Magic TORONTO, May 7 /CNW/ - Rogers Wireless today announced the exclusive Canadian launch in June 2009 of the HTC Dream(TM) and HTC Magic(TM) smartphones, the first cellphones in Canada powered by the Android platform, allowing for fast and easy access to a wide range of Google(TM) mobile services, including Google Search(TM), Google Maps(TM), Gmail(TM) and more. “Who else but Rogers would be the first carrier to offer Canadians the first chance to join the mobile revolution with a choice of not one, but two, handsets powered by the Android platform?”, said John Boynton, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Wireless. “The HTC Magic offers a responsive touch screen and the HTC Dream delivers both a touch screen and a slide out QWERTY keyboard. Both devices offer outstanding wireless internet search capabilities and a full suite of applications that run two times faster on Canada’s fastest mobile network.” Rogers will release details of the launch soon. In the meantime, customers can sign up for more information at
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