Google says Apple controls Rockstar, trial should be moved to California

Rockstar, the patent licensing consortium that is owned by some of the heaviest hitters in the tech industry, recently filed suit in the state of Texas against Google. Google filed a countersuit, but did so in their home state of California. Google is now pressuring a US District Judge to dismiss the case in Texas, as they feel Rockstar is controlled by California-based Apple, and the case should be heard there.

Google not as innocent as we might think when it comes to Rockstar lawsuit, claims FOSS Patents

If you think Google is the ‘good guy’ in their new lawsuit with the Rockstar consortium, Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents would like you to reconsider. He recently pointed out that Google has filed for a declaratory judgement, and their lawsuit is rife with double-talk and false innuendo. The search giant stops just shy of calling the Rockstar group patent trolls, but nonetheless eludes to those practices throughout their filing.

Rockstar shows off Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android

In case you guys haven't heard the news, the developers behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise are bringing another classic to Android. After GTA III was extremely popular on Android smartphones and tablets, they are now set to release the popular Vice City this week. It will be available starting Thursday, the 10th anniversary of the game, and today they are teasing us with a few in-game screenshots.
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