$88 5-inch Android Tablet? – Video

Yes, it’s that time of day. Only time will tell if this does make it onto the market. This is a 5-inch Android tablet by Acorp. The representative did say it would be available next month.  It does look pretty good though and it should be affordable.

Aigo has two new Android MIDs in the works

A Chinese manufacturer by the name of Aigo has two Android MID’s in the making. The new tablets will come in a 5 and 7 inch version. Both will be running Android 1.6, there is no word on when or if these devices will be upgraded to Android 2.1.  Price is rumored to be around 1500 Yuan which is roughly $220 and will be released in May.

Pasen Android MID5

Android is continuing is assault in the MID/Tablet market. This one comes from a company that is known for (knockoffs) MP4’s. But, this thing looks really good and I would imagine there are a few people that would love to get their hands on it.

Rockchip Android prototype uses 720p-capable RK2808 chipset

We can't say we're especially enamoured by Rockchip's first attempt at an Android smartphone, but this reference design is more about what's going on inside the casing than what said-casing looks like.  Based on Rockchip's Android-capable RK2808 chipset, first announced all the way back in August last year (and wearing a pretty slick MID outfit at the time), the unnamed smartphone should support 720p HD video.
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