Get your own talking, intelligent robot called Musio

Admit it, whenever you watch sci-fi movies and see all those AI creatures, you kinda wished you had one of your own to talk to and maybe even to order around. But even though you have voice-activated digital assistants on your smartphone like Siri or Hello Google, you can't really have a running conversation with them. A new Indiegogo project called Musio will attempt to be the kind of robot friend that you need or want.

Help Odd Bot Out escape the robot factory

Odd one out. Admit it, those are the first words you think of when you hear the name of the game. There's nothing odd about this app but the main character, Odd, is not like the other robots. Odd didn't make it as a real robot because he failed a standardized test for robots. The result? He ended up in a recycling bin. Odd needs to escape using only physics, electricity, and building blocks. Well, that's not exactly easy because you need to be smart enough to solve this puzzle game.

Google updates Androidify with the Holiday spirit

It is that time of year where the Holiday spirit and cheer starts to come out full steam. Google isn't wasting any time and today have updated their highly popular avatar creating Androidify application. Boys and girls it's time to redo your good looks and Androidify yourself with a nice holiday twist.

Qbo Robot acts as a teleconference device on Android

Check out this little robot from The Corpora named Qbo, controlled by Android it hears and sees everything and will in return send back all the information to you. Head to the office without leaving your home, attend a meeting while sitting at a coffee shop or laying by the pool. All this is possible with this unique product currently being developed by the robot company The Corpora. We have a neat video demonstration and more after the break.

Google Nexus S in Space Round 2 [Video]

Lets talk about a different Samsung device for a minute, this is the Google Samsung Nexus S and its made the long trek to space. Back in July we told you about the Nexus S joining the space shuttle Atlantis for its last trip to space. Today the team at Google has updated us with an awesome video clip showing some of the amazing work NASA and the Nexus S are doing so check it out after the break.

Java creator James Gosling leaves Google for robotics company Liquid Robotics

It has only been a few months since James Gosling, the geek considered the father of Java, went to work for Google. The thing that was so strange to me when Gosling went to work for Google was at the time Google and Oracle were in a legal battle over alleged use of Java code within Android. That was something that Google denied. Gosling landed at Google back in March and is now gone already.

Dude builds his own RC Android mascot out of a trash can

I love geeky DIY projects and when they are robotic in nature I like them even more. This one is particularly cool because it's both a robot and a RC device and it happens to look like our pal the green Android mascot. The robot started out as a small trashcan that the builder painted green. You can see some photos of the build process in the gallery below and hit the source for a few more shots.
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