Type Your Ringtone gives notifications their own voice

Tired of your ringtone or message notification sounding like everyone else's tones? Or are you sick of the usual melodious sounds signaling an app's update or activity? If yes, then Type Your Ringtone might be that little utility that you've been looking for to spruce up your device's sound bites, by having them speak out instead of whistling to a tune.

GALAXY S 4 system dump offers S Voice APK, ringtones and HD wallpapers

Part of the T-Mobile news this morning dealt with the upcoming availability of the Samsung GALAXY S 4. But more to the point for the day, it looks like a GALAXY S 4 system dump has surfaced online. Basically, this means that we are being given the opportunity to see and even play with some of the goodies that will come with the handset. Up today we are seeing the updated version of S Voice as well as the GALAXY S 4 ringtones and wallpapers.

Volume Rocker puts multiple sound profiles at your fingertips

Ring, vibrate, silent. Surely that covers every conceivable situation you're ever likely to need as far as sound goes, right? If you'd like a little more customization in your Android alerts, Volume Rocker is here to help. The free app includes five customizable sound profiles that can be activated at any time, just by tapping your Volume Up or Volume Down.

Galaxy Nexus ringtones and notifications leaked – download them now

Ice Cream Sandwich themes are pooing up all over the place, but for some truly authentic fake Ice Cream, you've got to get the audio experience as well. Luckily a kind soul who is likely waiting just as patiently as the rest of us for Ice Cream Sandwich (that is to say, not patiently at all) has posted the audio files from the Galaxy Nexus online for everyone. You can download the ZIP file here.

NASA offers free sounds you can download for your Android ringtone

This is pretty cool if you are a Space fan and want a cool new ringtone. NASA has announced that it is making some of the iconic sounds from the space program available for people to download and use for whatever they want from ringtones to sounds for their computer. The sounds are now listed on a single page and are broken up into four categories.