Android BlackBerry Messenger app due this year claim sources

RIM's BlackBerry Messenger IM service could be coming to Android, according to the latest rumors out of the Canadian company. BGR's sources claim that RIM is looking to launch feature-lite versions of BBM for Android and iOS later in 2011, in the hope of luring users across to BlackBerry phones with the promise of full functionality. The Android and iOS apps, as described, would have basic text messaging support, but not be able to share multimedia or location information. That would be limited to real BlackBerry phones. Pricing is also unconfirmed; RIM is apparently considering making the apps free, but is also looking at potentially charging for individual downloads or even an ongoing service charge. The leak comes after Facebook acquired Beluga, a popular cross-platform IM service that had been compared to BBM. [via SlashGear]

BlackBerry PlayBook and Handsets to Run Android Apps?

It appears that the Boy Genius Report has received several words from several sources on the following bit of news: RIM may very well be seriously considering a feature that would let BlackBerry users run Android apps on their BlackBerry devices. This is big news, especially since PlayBook is set to be a big contender in the oncoming tablet wars, with Android/BlackBerry compatibility, its power to hold the eyes of consumers may have just doubled. Research in Motion (RIM) appears to have been trying to find the road that it'd like to walk down as far as how the Java environment it's got working now will work in its upcoming QNX tablet and handsets. RIM has stated publicly that it is looking to get a Java virtual machine running on PlayBook, but they've not yet appeared to have decided what Java VM they'll end up using.

80 Percent of Verizon Phones sold are Android, BlackBerry devices in steep decline

What better way to see Android's cannibalization of RIM's BlackBerry than a graph of Verizon's smartphone sales over the 20 months? All Things Digital points to data compiled by ITG Investment Research analyst Matthew Goodman that visually details the decrease in BlackBerry sales as the market becomes more sophisticated and varied. According to the data, 80 percent of smartphone sales were Android devices in which 46 percent were DROID branded. RIM sure has a growing issue on its hands as new devices compete with the business space in mobile sales. [Via All Things Digital]

Survey says Android is fastest growing OS

Android is super hot right now and the popularity of the OS is showing no signs of letting up. Android is overtaking other OS and some of the OS' that it is overtaking in growth have been around for a long time.

Android continuing to surge in Cellphone OS Market share, others decline

Android is continuing to grow in the cellphone OS market, now passing Microsoft. In the three month period ending in July, research company comScore Inc. has documented the market percentages in the cellphone OS market. With all of the phone releases in the past few months on top of the openness of the Android platform it is not shocking that Android is gaining market share. However, the rate of which it’s occurring is very impressive and the future is looking bright for the famed Google OS.
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