ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Review in a Nutshell

True to form, our good pal Chris Davies has the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer up and running as fast as a bunny, reviewing the heck out of it for you and me so that we might know if it's really worth the $400 we'll be paying for it! This device also has the code TF101 attached to it for further IDing and is, in short, a 10.1-inch Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet with a rather fashionable keyboard dock attachment that essentially allows you to work with the device as a tablet or a laptop. Will it power past the competition?

Guerilla Bob [Review] [Motorola XOOM + Android Handsets]

Lets begin by saying that Guerilla Bob works on lots of different Android devices. It looks fabulous on the XOOM tablet we've got sitting here, it looks lovely on the HTC ThunderBolt, and rolls out hard on the ATRIX 4G. The images and video you see below are on the Motorola XOOM tablet of course, as this is the big screen all games like this aught to be tested on, but let me assure you, it works just as well (and in some cases better) on the comparatively small screen. It's a powerhouse of a fun and simple shooter at just three bucks - skip the review, it rocks like a stick of dynamite attached to an arrow sticking to a bad guy!

HTC Inspire 4G Review

One of the most gigantic phones we've ever had the pleasure of trying to hold with one hand, this is the HTC Inspire 4G. This phone is available through AT&T and will soon be running on its full HSPA+ network, currently rolling hard on Android 2.2 Froyo on a 4.84 x 2.68 x 0.46 inch piece of candybar hardware. This is a phone with such a gigantic screen and speedy insides that the rest of the situation is minimalistic to the max - barely a physical button to be seen!

Twitter 2.0 for Android Review

Twitter has released their second big official app version in 2.0 for Android, and it looks fabulous. The first major change you'll notice is the reduction of elements, the app opening up directly to your friends stream rather than bringing you to a page of options (that used to contain tweets, lists, mentions, retweets, messages, my profile, trends, and search.) Each of the items that used to be contained on the initial opening screen are still available, but have essentially been pushed up to the top of the screen where they should have been in the first place to make room for the lists of tweets and such they're in place to display. NOTE several of the images in this post contain two screens - the left is the version of Twitter right before this update, the right is the current version 2.0.

Cai Shen Dao Chinese New Year God of Wealth Android Toy [REVIEW]

As I begin this review, I gotta say that I can't be very non-biased about this whole situation, as it's almost impossible to resist such a cute little man like this, especially when he's built on the bones of our favorite little robot Android! What I mean is I can't see why anyone would need any more incentive than to have one peek at this designer toy, this collectible, this piece of what some would refer to as urban vinyl. This little man is part of an extended series of Android figures you can collect, the same set that was carried up into space a few weeks ago! Don't worry about him floating off though, he's very down to earth.

Sony Ericsson LiveView Reviewed by SlashGear

Oh Europe, you get the all the cool stuff. Right? Our resident Englander master of many things Chris Davies got his hands on and subsequently reviewed that lovely little "what does it do?" device the Sony Ericsson LiveView. You know, the one that released early November and got a really strange introduction to the world of developers by a mister Marcus Hansson over Thanksgiving weekend? It's a neato little device about the size of a large wristwatch face that connects wirelessly with your Android phone, sending you updates and telling you the time and such.

SlashGear Reviews T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Tab

As you might already know, SlashGear has already reviewed a Samsung Galaxy Tab, only that one was the the European Tab, the white one that in the USA is available at Sprint. The one we're looking at here is a USA T-Mobile version, reviewed by Vincent Nguyen, and it's looking like it's very similar on the outside, but a slightly different flavor on the in. It's 4.7 x 7.5 x 0.5 inches and 13.4 oz light thanks to the mainly plastic construction.

T-Mobile G2 Review

Welcome to the Android Community review of the fabled T-Mobile G2. Truly a lovely little piece of work with a Snapdragon MSM7230 processor, Android 2.2 Froyo, 4G speeds, and what I'll tell you right now is a very nice still camera situation. Before you read this review, I'd like to encourage you to hang a left over to the Unboxing and Hands-On post for the G2, reading there all about the hardware details and feel of the device.

HTC myTouch 3G Slide for T-Mobile Review

When T-Mobile announced the myTouch 3G, it was almost immediately welcomed warmly into the Android family. With the exception of, perhaps, the name, the myTouch 3G saw a wide adoption, as people jumped on board the Android train. And now that it's been out for some time, and it's seen a couple of "refreshes," T-Mobile and HTC have seen fit to add a new model to the family. So here we are with the myTouch 3G Slide, which adds a bigger screen, a bit more bulk, and a physical keyboard. But, with all those additions, does the Slide hit the nail right on the head, or is it not enough to be a warm new welcome to the family name? Find out below.
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