LG Nexus 4 heads to Brazil at Ponto Frio and more

For all of our friends and readers in South America, it looks like Google's popular and amazing LG Nexus 4 has finally made it down to your part of the world. The Nexus 4 is available starting today in Brazil for those interested in picking up Google's latest and greatest flagship smartphone.

HTC tries their luck at physical retail stores

Now that Apple's stores full of glass walls and gadgets are so popular it seems that everyone is trying to do the same. When I first heard HTC was opening stores I thought, no. Just no! Low and behold just like Samsung and and even Microsoft, HTC has just opened their own store although it's inside of another store in Hamburg, Germany.

Samsung Store opens in Canada, gets called an Apple rip-off

It seems that our poor friends over at Samsung just cannot get away from angry Apple fans. Samsung has opened a new retail store in Vancouver, Canada - its first in North America - and apparently some can't help but draw comparisons and Apple's famous boutiques. Looking at the picture of this new Samsung Store below, there do seem to be some striking similarities such as the way Samsung's devices are displayed and the dark blue uniforms its employees are wearing. It begs the question though - is this really something to get all worked up about?

Samsung Retail Store headed to Canada this summer

Samsung is aiming to open their first actual brick and mortar retail store later this summer in Canada. It appears that Samsung will be opening up shop in Burnaby, British Columbia and like stores such as Apple will have an extensive set of demonstrations and hands-on booths for many of their top selling products.

Atrix HD Multimedia Dock Retailing for $59?

The Atrix 4G is a device that is going to be highly focused on accessories. Whether it's the laptop dock or multimedia dock, the device is not just a cellphone, it's a mobile computer. And now, according to a listing on, it seems the HD multimedia dock will retail for $59.

Samsung Galaxy Tab retailing at £599.99 say insiders

We know it’s coming, we know what it features and we are very excited about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab. However, the one thing we have yet to find out is a price for the 7-inch tablet. The company behind the UK retailers Currys, Dixons, and PC World has stated that the SIM-free, off-contract price at £599.99 ($950) Interestingly, this is more than the 16GB iPad 3G in the UK. No word yet on which carriers will be launching the device in the UK or a price point but we do know that it will be arriving in the UK starting the first of November. Expect further word on this from Samsung, or any of the carriers in the US, or overseas in the coming weeks as we get closer to the devices official launch. But it seems for now, a Tab without a contract will not be a cheap alternative to the iPad. Android Community Hands-on: [Via SlashGear]
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