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Nexus 7 32GB retailer listings spotted once again

Well this is just getting ridiculous. Every day it seems we have a new Nexus 7 32GB leaks of some sort to share with you, and today is no different. The folks at Android Police have spotted even more listings for the fabled device, with the tablet making an appearance at two European retailers and Best Buy Canada. Are you convinced that the 32GB Nexus 7 exists yet?

Samsung Store opens in Canada, gets called an Apple rip-off

It seems that our poor friends over at Samsung just cannot get away from angry Apple fans. Samsung has opened a new retail store in Vancouver, Canada - its first in North America - and apparently some can't help but draw comparisons and Apple's famous boutiques. Looking at the picture of this new Samsung Store below, there do seem to be some striking similarities such as the way Samsung's devices are displayed and the dark blue uniforms its employees are wearing. It begs the question though - is this really something to get all worked up about?

AT&T Galaxy S III available in store today

Last week was supposed to be all about the Galaxy S III but production delays and a huge demand caused all the US carriers to slightly push or delay their push. Today however is the day AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S III is finally available in stores nationwide. If you've been patient through the mess today you can run down and pick one up.

Samsung Retail Store headed to Canada this summer

Samsung is aiming to open their first actual brick and mortar retail store later this summer in Canada. It appears that Samsung will be opening up shop in Burnaby, British Columbia and like stores such as Apple will have an extensive set of demonstrations and hands-on booths for many of their top selling products.

Chinese “Android” store sells iPhones too

Hardly a week goes by without the tech world spotting a humorous fake piece of electronic detritus coming out of China's seedier factories, and these days it's usually running Android. (Hooray for open source!) But at least one Chinese retailer has decided to go all out and copy Android for their entire storefront. It's not necessarily "fake" in the sense that the branding is misappropriated; anyone selling Android hardware can make use of Google's Android logos and typefaces. But simply naming your store "Android", as the shop in Zhuhai, Guangdong province has done, is a no-no.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus phones arriving in stores, rumors still suggest December 9th

Here we go guys, Verizon is finally starting to maybe get ready to make some noise with the Galaxy Nexus. For all those awaiting its arrival the time may finally be coming. We are now seeing actual hardware devices and retail packaging for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus arriving in Verizon Wireless retail stores thanks to a tip from XDA Developers. Hopefully I can convince the pretty blonde at my local Verizon store to sell me one early -- I'll be taking flowers with me later today for good measure.

Samsung Galaxy S II stock arriving at T-Mobile early

T-Mobile appears to be gearing up for some pretty impressive sales of the new Samsung Galaxy S II for their network. Codenamed the Hercules it will come to market as just the Galaxy S II for T-Mobile. Officially announced a few weeks back, the T-Mobile branded version of one of the best phones around will be available come October 12th. It appears T-Mobile stores are already starting to receive tons of stock, gearing for a big launch.

T-Mobile Promises complete store revamp

As all good stores should every once in a while at least, T-Mobile has promised a complete overhaul of their retail locations here in the USA. What you're about to see is a tour through their new look, an intelligently re-arranged setting that'll have you visiting simply to get a glimpse at it. Bright pink lights in the background, lovely stark white tables in the foreground. Look like a place you'd like to shop?
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