Google Voice adapts new acoustic technology for better search

The phrase “Ok Google” has been particularly useful for Android users who either have their hands preoccupied to do the actual typing or who just think that voice automation is there to make their lives easier. Either way, Google Voice search has been an important part of their mobile experience. In the latest update, they have adapted a new acoustic technology in order to make the process easier, and maybe even a bit enjoyable (for the user at least).

Hush reduces battery drain by 16% by letting your phone really sleep

Considering the fact that battery drain is one of the biggest concerns of a lot of mobile users, it’s strange that it’s the first time a large-scale study “in the wild” has been conducted regarding this aspect of our lives. But that’s exactly what researchers at Purdue University, Intel Corp, and startup Mobile Enerlytics have done, and the result is the creation of an app that will supposedly reduce battery drain by 16%. What does it do? It simply lets your device really sleep when it’s supposed to be sleeping.

Researchers create li-ion battery that can be recharged by sunlight

Because “nomophobia” is a real thing (fear of being out of mobile contact), having battery power is of the utmost importance for some people. But sometimes, you do run out of power bank juice and you may be in a place or situation where plugging into the wall socket is not possible. So for times like these, wouldn’t it be great if you could use natural elements to power up your device or even your battery? Researchers in Japan have come up with a prototype of a lithium ion battery that can recharge simply by using available sunlight.

Solid-state electrolytes could improve battery technology

Let's talk batteries. You know those parts of gadgets and electronics that give them power or electricity are always important. You can have all those premium specs on a device but without any reliable battery, it's good as nothing. Today, the bigger the battery is inside a phone, it usually means better or longer battery life. There's also the issue that phone batteries must be removable so they can easily be replaced.

Research shows Android users now more loyal compared to iOS fans

The previous years ever since the iPhone was introduced to the market, you can’t find a more rabid fanbase than the so-called Apple fanboys who would buy the newest iteration of their smartphone, even if some would say there were very slight differences. But a new market research study shows that Android users are now more loyal to their platform as compared to their iOS counterparts. Another important fact is that other operating systems are so far behind in the numbers game.

Facebook says more people “haha-ing” than “lol-ing” 

If you’ve been using LOL on your Facebook statuses lately, then apparently that is so last season and it also might be betraying your age or non-coolness. A social media study conducted by Facebook, in response to a New York Times article on e-laughter (yes, apparently, that’s a thing), revealed that a large number of people who laughed while posting preferred to use “haha” or any variant of it, over other forms of digital laughing.

Researchers say “yolk and shell” can save rechargeable batteries

Okay, before you go and soak your rechargeable batteries into tubs of egg yolk, you better read this article first. While batteries are of course a very crucial part of our enjoyment of our digital devices, the constant charging and discharging leads to deterioration over time. But scientists and researchers from Tsinghua University and MIT may have just discovered the solution to this problem: applying the “yolk and shell” principle may just save our dischargeable batteries.

Algorithm now available to remove obstructions from digital images

Removing obstructions and unwanted elements from digital images and photographs is a problem as old as mobile photography itself, but a research team from Google and MIT might just have the algorithm to solve our problems. Ever wanted a good photo of something beyond a chain-link fence? Or maybe have a good photo ruined by your own reflection on the window pane you’re shooting through?

Samsung reportedly working on bringing 11K display to mobile devices

If your head and your eyes are still adjusting to the idea of 4k display on your mobile devices, then in a few years, you will probably have to wrap your head around something even bigger (although not necessarily better). A Korean news outfit is reporting that Samsung is now hard at work to bring 11k (yes, that’s not a typo, it really is 11) display to smartphones and tablets, planning to give us more pixels than we ever could have imagined.
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