Samsung reportedly working on bringing 11K display to mobile devices

If your head and your eyes are still adjusting to the idea of 4k display on your mobile devices, then in a few years, you will probably have to wrap your head around something even bigger (although not necessarily better). A Korean news outfit is reporting that Samsung is now hard at work to bring 11k (yes, that’s not a typo, it really is 11) display to smartphones and tablets, planning to give us more pixels than we ever could have imagined.

Google to collect health data through Study Kit apps

With all the digital technology tools that are available to companies now, it has become so much easier for them to make studies, analysis, and conduct experiments on different aspects of our lives. While some may seem highly intrusive, there are studies that can actually be a matter of life and death, health-wise. Google is in the midst of launching something called Study Kit, which is actually the first major undertaking of Baseline Study, which aims to learn and show "what it means to be healthy".

App predicts college GPA based on smartphone use

Researchers from Dartmouth College and the University of Texas have created an app that tracks the smartphone activity of users and uses that activity to compute a GPA. According to the researchers, the GPA that the app comes up with is within 0.17 of a point. The app is called smartGPA and it is intended to be used with periodic self-reports offered by the students.

Chilean engineers worked on a project to allow plants generate electrical energy

There is a call to go green everywhere but it can be a challenge to make all things eco-efficient and environment-friendly. The thought of being "green" all the way can be difficult because some supplies are still expensive. For three engineers from Chile, they knew that something as simple but hi-tech such as a phone charger can be greener than ever. These three Chilean engineers thought of getting energy from plants and they recently achieved success after six years of hardcore research and work.

Banning of mobile phones in school improves students’ academic performance

Most schools and universities and even offices ban the use of mobile phones or tablets within the premises for obvious reasons. If adults can't keep their hands and eyes off their devices at night and actually anywhere, young kids and teenagers surely can't part with their phones as well. Parents are now challenged on how to get their kids study and focus on academics. But really, there is only one solution and that is to ban phone use whether at home or in school.

Average attention span of humans dropped from 12 to 8 seconds

The image above of a man missing out the giant whale because he's glued to his smartphone is a perfect example that some humans prefer tapping and watching on their screens than just enjoying the real thing. Of course, there could be plenty of explanation for this. Maybe he got an emergency call or an important email he really needs to reply to. But still, this image is very ironic and I think it will only get worse as technology progresses.

Bodyprint technology turns touchscreen into a biometric scanner

Majority of the companies around the globe still do not fully adopt biometrics. Only a small percentage take advantage of the technology but more researchers now are working on to enhance the system, hoping to improve on it or create a totally new related technology. Some Yahoo Labs researchers were able to develop 'Bodyprint', a new technology that can turn any smartphone touchscreen display into a biometric scanner for many purposes.

Old Android phones can become surveillance sensor machines

Before you throw that old, clunky, obsolete Android phone away, you might want to consider keeping it as it may someday be valuable. No, we're not talking about auctioning them off someday as relics, but more like a functional purpose. A team from Carnegie Mellon University have created a program that can take those old phones or any connected surveillance cameras and turn them into Zensors, giving you information and triggering a consequential action.

Earthquake could possibly be detected by smartphones

Smartphones will only get smarter and smarter. The smartphone era may never come to an end and every new smartphone that is revealed each day will only outsmart the previous models. There’s actually no limit to what people can do with every phone model. In the near future, it could even replace computers as a full workhorse in schools, businesses, or the offices because of its portability, usability, and convenience.
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