Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless teases new and better hardware

Those of you who jumped on the chance to join Republic Wireless, a hybrid VOIP/mobile service with eye-popping low rates, are probably receiving your beta invitations now. Republic's unlimited WiFi calling and mobile data for just $19 a month is tempting - but their sole phone, the 1.5-year-old Android-powered LG Optimus One, isn't. As part of the survey for its latest Beta wave, the service provider has added a few details for its plans to expand its Android offerings.

Republic Wireless changes policies to grant true unlimited data

When newly-created wireless provider Republic Wireless promised a revolutionary VOIP-supplemented phone plan, it had at least one unfortunate legacy feature: limited access to data away from WiFi access points. The customized Republic phones fall back on CDMA networks when nothing else is available, and while no hard limits were in place, Republic noted that it would "encourage" heavy data users to seek another alternative. According to the company blog, they've reconsidered this approach, and Republic Wireless will become one of only two U.S. networks to offer truly unlimited mobile data.

Republic Wireless ships phones with CyanogenMod code

Republic Wireless' novel VOIP-based phone service is just starting up, and customers are receiving their LG Optimus S phones now. Because of Republic's unique 3G/WiFi switching system, it requires some custom changes to the phone's hardware. But according to some eagle-eyed analysis of an early unboxing video, the phone's beta hardware isn't the only thing that's customized: it looks like the phone is running a modified version of the most popular custom ROM out there, CyanogenMod.

Republic Wireless launches VOIP network: $19 a month for unlimited everything

We took a look at Republic Wireless' pre-launch buzz a while back, and now invitations to the service are going out to those who signed up for notifications. The WiFi-assisted phone network will charge just $19 a month for unlimited voice, texting and data - with a few caveats. The hybrid connection system requires new hardware, and the first phone being offered is the original LG Optimus at $199 contract-free, though early adopters can get it for just $99.

Republic Wireless tries to change the game with VOIP and Android

Raise your hand if you love your wireless carrier. Anyone? Consumers fed up with spotty service and limited terms have been complaining for years about lack of transparency and competition, and on November 8th, they might just have a next-generation alternative to the likes of Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. Republic Wireless is a new Mobile Virtual Network Operator that uses a combination of conventional cellular lines and Voice Over IP via Wifi.
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