Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless announces new refund plans, active subscribers not happy

No more unlimited data from Republic Wireless as the mobile carrier recently announced that it's no longer offering such data plan but will instead offer refunds for unused data. It's a new refund-based data plan that lets users to just buy data they need. Should they need more and actually use in excess, they only need to pay more. Not everyone may use up all data so limit  not used will be given a refund at the end of every month.

Moto Maker Moto X coming to Republic Wireless on April 1st

The Moto X has been available with Republic Wireless for quite a while now. The handset launched with the carrier back in November, but up until this point that has only included the basic Moto X. Things will be changing tomorrow when Republic Wireless will be offering Moto Maker customized models. The Republic Wireless Moto Maker launch will take place on April 1st and include 16GB and 32GB models.

Motorola DVX tipped to arrive as the Moto G

A Motorola trademark filing was discovered earlier in the week. At the time there was little more than how Motorola had trademarked the name Moto G. As we often see on the web, when the details are light, the speculation goes into overdrive. In this case there was talk of everything from the Moto G being a Google Edition Moto X to the possibility of something headed towards Verizon Wireless.

Moto X coming to Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless has confirmed the upcoming availability of the Moto X. The carrier has announced the pricing, however there hasn't been anything offered in terms of a release date just yet. And in addition to the Moto X news, Republic Wireless also detailed some upcoming changes to the available plans. Unlike the release of the Moto X, those new plans will go into effect in November.

Republic Wireless lowers the price of entry to $99.99

Republic Wireless is the company offering the $19 per month unlimited smartphone service. The one catch though, while the monthly price is super low, the handset purchase price may have kept some from using Republic Wireless. You see, the carrier only offers one phone, the Motorola DEFY XT and previously -- the handset was $249. As of today however, that price has been cut.
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