Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept now available

The Samsung Intercept, Virgin Mobile’s first Android powered device, will be coming to Target stores starting today and online later this month and announced by Virgin Mobile. It is priced at $249.99 with no contract and monthly plans starting at $25 a month.

Samsung Galaxy Tab available for pre-registration via T-Mobile

We know it’s coming, we just don’t know exactly when in the United States. Following The Carphone Warehouse’s pre-registration page in the UK, T-Mobile has now offered up an email registration page promising you’ll be among the first to know further details of the upcoming 7-inch tablet. We already know that the Galaxy Tab will launch in the UK November 1st, but we are still left unaware of an expected launch date of the much hyped tablet on any of the 4 US carriers it’s going to launch on. Details to come, and we will for sure let you know of any confirmed launch dates as we get closer to the end of the month. Android Community Hands on: [Via SlashGear]

Early T-Mobile G2 hardware issues, Missing storage, loose hinges [Video]

The highly anticipated T-Mobile G2 is making it’s way into eager customers hands. However, it’s not all good news. Early reports from a few close with the device have noticed that their devices have shipped with hinges that are not fully attached, and even - in some reports - their devices are not shipping with the correct amount of storage. The hinge problem may not be directly annoying in everyday use of the phone, but it could be unsettling knowing your phone is not as solid as you would expect it to be. The real issue here is the hinge is especially loose and the screen is hanging when the phone is held upside down, as seen in the image above. A more practical annoying fault of this issue is when you’re holding the phone at some angles, the screen will snap shut. The second issue involves the storage shipping inside the devices not being what users have actually ordered. In some cases shipped G2 that are said to contain 4GB of internal storage and were clocking in with a total of 2GB. We, as well, have no idea how such a mix up would happen but we expect either exchanges for customers made available or a larger microSD card to compensate for the storage loss. More on this issue will definitely be coming in the coming days. To our forum members who have ordered a G2, are you experiencing any issues? Let us know in the comment section below! [Via Engadget]

Verizon R2-D2 Droid available now on

If you have been waiting for the official release of the R2-D2 Droid 2, the wait is now over with Verizon’s site going live and the phone now available. As expected it’s displaying it’s $249 after $100 (this time online discount) with a full retail price of $699.

Vodafone Announces Android “945” Smart Phone

Yesterday we heard that Vodafone was releasing 3 new phones, one of them the 945 is an update to it’s own 845 launched earlier this year. The phone itself is an self-branded, competitively priced, Android smartphone. Shipping with 2.1, it’s not the most up to date phone software wise but hopefully that will change.

Verizon’s Droid R2-D2 coming September 30th

We have heard about it, we have seen it, even dummy units shipping to stores. Well now we finally know when it will be available from Verizon. The Droid R2-D2, Star Wars themed DROID 2 will be coming to Verizon online and select stores September 30th.

T-Mobile G2 open for pre-orders tomorrow, available October 6th

According to a screenshot of the internal product page for the G2, it appears as if it will be ready to pre-order starting tomorrow, with shipment and availability beginning on October 6th. The pre-order process, available only to existing customers for now, will run until the 4th of October. T-Mobile employees may also pre-order the much hyped device starting tonight at midnight, however, no word yet on how many will be initially available. The internal site reads: From September 24 through October 4, existing T-Mobile customers will be given the exclusive opportunity to pre-order the T-Mobile G2 with Google at select T-Mobile retail stores, through Care upgrades, and online at A limited number of G2 smartphones will also be available for employees to pre-order on My T-Mobile. The G2 is scheduled to be available to all customers at select T-Mobile retail stores, Care upgrades, select retail partner locations and online on October 6. The G2 is the successor to the insanely popular first Android phone the G1. Bringing features such as HSPA+, 5-megapixel camera, Android 2.2, Qualcomm MSM 7230 clocked at 800 MHz, GPS, and Bluetooth, the G2 already seems to be a very powerful upgrade. [Via TMONews]

HTC Desire Lacks 3G for American Use

We can now confirm what many have been expecting, the Desire HD that was announced this week will not be coming to North America. According to a FCC filing, the device actually lacks any 3G radio bands matching those for North American carriers.

Electronic Arts stepping into the Android gaming scene

Another piece of Android news has come out of The Deutsche Bank Tech Conference. The first being Motorola’s plans for a Droid 2011 tablet release, the second is from yet another gaming company starting to develop on the Android Platform. Electronic Arts, popular for their console, mobile and iOS games, is currently planning on stepping into the next big market, Android.
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