HTC Droid Incredible HD coming November 23?

We first heard about the Droid Incredible HD about a month ago when the above shot leaked to the internet. Striking a similarity to the EVO 4G it was said to be coming to the Verizon network this year. Now it's likely that it will be hitting Verizon just in time for Thanksgiving.

Sprint Galaxy Tab Coming November 14th

We all knew that The Galaxy Tab will be hitting the US carriers sometime in November. We now know, thanks to a leaked inventory spreadsheet, that Sprint's Galaxy Tab will be released on the 14th of November.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Hitting T-Mobile November 10th?

We know that the Galaxy Tab will be coming to Verizon on November 11th, along with what seems to be every other rumored device we have heard about hitting the network. But so far Verizon has been the only one with a set launch date. Well that may not be true anymore.

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab: $399 on contract, $649 without

The much hyped Samsung Galaxy Tab, that is coming later this year to the US, has had it’s pricing (finally) revealed. According to the screen shot of an internal T-Mobile page, the pricing has been revealed to be $399 on contract, and $649 without.

Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept now available

The Samsung Intercept, Virgin Mobile’s first Android powered device, will be coming to Target stores starting today and online later this month and announced by Virgin Mobile. It is priced at $249.99 with no contract and monthly plans starting at $25 a month.
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