Mega Jump For Android Ready for December Release

A few months back we heard Get Set Games confirm that they were expecting to release their popular iOS Mega Jump game on Android before year's end. Holding to the promise, they have now officially announced that it's nearing completion and should be ready within the next few weeks.

PlayStation Phone coming in March?

As the Nexus S has been revealed to the Android Community we can no longer speculate about the devices upcoming features, so the internet's next device of focus is, of course, the PlayStation phone. It seems now that someone within Sony Ericcson has confirmed the device for a launch in March of 2011.

FireFox For Android Coming to the Android Market This Month

Firefox is one of the most popular user installable web browsers in the world, and the Firefox Mobile for Android is proving to be one of the most impressive browsers available for the platform. However, as many of you know, it's currently in beta and only available directly from Mozilla. This is about to change as Firefox Mobile is about to see a new beta release and it will be available in the Android Market this month.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread Features and List of What’s New

Hooray because today's the day. Google's released not only the Nexus S with Samsung, but Gingerbread as well. This version of the Android mobile OS offers speed! Not only that though, as you're soon to find out, there's wild additions too! Nothing so big your eyeballs will explode, but close! There's a new keyboard, a new text selection tool, gyroscope support, power management improvements, VoIP/SIP calling, improved copy and paste, support for NFC technology, and more!

Gingerbread coming December 6th, says Notion Ink

We all know it's coming, we just don't know exactly when. Android 2.3 has been the topic of the Android community for quite some time now, and with Google keeping quiet about its features and release date, we have all been left in the dark. However, according to Notion Ink, it looks like (as rumored) December 6th will be the day we have been waiting for.

Official Google Reader App Comes to Android

We all love Google Reader, providing an easy glimpse at our favorite articles around the net it's a great tool for quick information at a glance. However, we have been waiting for Google Reader to come to our mobile devices for quite some time now. No need to wait any longer as Google has just released its official Google Reader for Android app.

Droid Pro Shipping Now ahead of Launch Date

It's been a busy week so far for Verizon. First with the rumors leading up to the continuum launch, and now with the availability of the DROID 2 Global and DROID Pro for order. The DROID Pro is scheduled to launch November 18th, and is supposed to be available for pre-order now.

myTouch 4G Updates for Reviewers, Download for All New Users

As you may well know by now, sometimes when reviewer-models of phones are sent out to the world of publications, tiny tweaks are needed to be done (or at least taken into account) when the review is being done. Some of those particular updates are happening now for the myTouch 4G. The first of these, we're informed, is a cryptic "software update" notification that will be available soon, available in a similar fashion as other Android OS updates. From there, it gets totally exciting.
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