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HTC M7 rumored to launch March 8th on multiple US carriers

In just under 3 weeks we'll finally be seeing the new and improved smartphone plan from HTC. We're of course talking about the often leaked HTC M7 smartphone to replace their popular One series. Earlier this week HTC confirmed they'll be holding a press event February 19th to announce a new device, and most likely that will be their new M7 flagship. Now some new reports and rumors are claiming to have plenty of details pertaining to their launch plans.

ASUS PadFone 2 announced for December release in Europe and Asia

ASUS is getting ready to roll out the sequel to its tablet-in-phone, aptly named the PadFone 2. ASUS originally announced it for a Taiwanese release, but later said it was coming to most of Asia and Europe. The PadFone 2 will feature a much better designed phone holder in the tablet that is designed to keep the phone held in place, even during violent shaking and movements. After all, no one wants the phone to fall out while going GANGNAM STYLE.

Motorola DROID RAZR HD launching in October

Motorola and Verizon's new DROID RAZR HD was announced earlier this month, but sadly we didn't get any sort of release date. Motorola simply stated it would arrive "before the holidays." Today however we might have a better idea of what to expect regarding when Motorola's new flagship smartphone will arrive for the US.

Samsung Galaxy Note II coming to the US “later in 2012”

If you're one of the many excited about the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone phablet we have both good and bad news. The good news is Samsung announced it today and it's awesome. The bad news is as we expected it won't be arriving in the US right away. Samsung today has just shed some light on what we can expect in terms of a US launch.

Nexus 7 could hit retail stores this Thursday

Google's new Nexus 7 tablet is causing quite a stir from potential buyers. With such an awesome tablet for a low price everyone seems to want one. While earlier today the Play Store changed the "expected ship date" from 3-4 weeks to 1-2 weeks, we are now seeing more than one retail store suggesting it will be available on Thursday.

AT&T Galaxy S III in-store availability date set for July 6th

The entire Samsung Galaxy S III launch wasn't as smooth as we, or Sammy wanted it to be here in the US. It was nice to see them launch on all carriers around the same time with the same design, but demand was much higher than product at launch. Everyone had to delay or filter their launch and today AT&T has confirmed the Galaxy S III flagship phones in-store availability date.