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Google Glass Explorer edition gets official – starts shipping today

We have some excellent news being delivered right into our inbox today regarding the popular and exciting Google Glass. While we've heard a few reports that they could begin shipping within the next month, today Google has confirmed exactly that. That isn't all either, they confirmed that the developer Explorer edition hardware and software is final, already being produced and some could start shipping to developers as soon as today.

HTC One up for sale early at select AT&T stores

We have some excellent news this Friday evening to share with you guys. It appears that not just a few, but multiple AT&T stores across the U.S. appear to be a bit confused about the release date and are selling the HTC One today. Yes the HTC First officially goes on sale today, but we're getting multiple reports that stores are freely offering the flagship HTC One.

Google Glass shipping to developers within the next month

Just in time for the annual Google I/O developer event that will be taking place in late May, it appears that some lucky developers will have Google's prized Project Glass augmented reality glasses. Today at a Google Ventures event it was stated that the Explorer Edition Google Glass would begin shipping within the next month. Time to get excited and see what it can really do.

ASUS FonePad hits the UK April 26, pre-order Friday for £179.99

The awesome looking ASUS FonePad 7-inch tablet was revealed back at Mobile World Congress in Spain, and ever since then we've been wondering when we can get our own. Mainly because this 7-inch Android 4.2 Jelly Bean tablet runs an Intel processor, and doubles as a smartphone at the same time. Yes, you'll still look ridiculous holding something that big to your ear, but today we learned ASUS will offer it at a pretty competitive price.

HTC first available for pre-order today: Hits AT&T April 12 for $99

For all you social network butterflies the folks from Facebook came out swinging today. Or at least some might think so. As I'm sure many of you know today Facebook detailed their plan to get social to the core of Android. With Facebook Home taking over our smartphones, chat heads making communication easy, and of course the first device known as the HTC first. If you want one read on to find out how and when.

HTC first revealed: the Facebook Phone lives

We knew it was coming considering the multiple leaks over the past week. Facebook and HTC have done a relatively good job keeping this a secret for the most part, but now we have all the info. Announced moments ago is what we'll all be calling the HTC first - the first Facebook Phone! The leaks were legit, the phone is real and headed to AT&T, and we have all the details below.

Samsung Galaxy Camera WiFi model hits the streets for $449

Samsung's popular and quite capable Galaxy Camera is about to become readily more available to consumers interested in an Android-powered camera. With both AT&T and Verizon rocking 4G models, today Samsung has announced a slightly cheaper WiFi only version will hit the streets for just $449. The new model is identical to the data-toting version of this smart camera, only no data plan and 2-year contract is required.
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