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Sony Xperia Z headed to US carriers soon

Today during the D11 conference we learned some exciting news for all you Sony fans. The companies CEO Kaz Hirai took the stage and had a few things to say about their products, the Xperia Z, and even mentioned we'll be seeing it arrive on US carriers soon. Sony's been making some stellar smartphones, but sadly the US hasn't been able to enjoy them but that will soon be changing.

LG Optimus G Pro lands at AT&T stores today

If you're a fan of LG or have been eying a new device to replace that aging smartphone over on AT&T, we have an excellent new LG worthy of your attention. Today the LG Optimus G Pro is available in stores and online from AT&T, and will bring you up to speed in terms of the latest hardware and software in the mobile space. With a 5.5-inch screen and more read on to see what it's about.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 now on sale throughout Canada

For all those folks living North of the U.S. we have some excellent news to share. In case you haven't been paying attention or seeing TV ad spots, Samsung's GALAXY S 4 flagship smartphone is available starting today across Canada on most major carriers. The launch isn't going quite as smooth as they planned, but it's now readily available.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 official US launch confirmed for 7 carriers

Just as we all expected it looks like Samsung's new flagship GALAXY S 4 will be widely available shortly across the U.S. with 7 carriers all on board to release the device. When can you get the GALAXY S 4? All 7 carriers are launching between April and the end of May, and it looks like we should start seeing the devices hit the street in a matter of weeks from folks like AT&T and T-Mobile.
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