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Meizu MX quad-core smartphone coming in May 2012

We've heard plenty about the new Meizu MX smartphone lately and now its been officially confirmed that the quad-core version will be hitting the streets at some point come May 2012. We first heard of this phone back in August with rumors of a Q3 2011 launch but that ended up being way off. Today Meizu CEO J. Wong confirmed they'll be releasing the second, quad-core version come this May.

Galaxy Nexus delayed because of Google Wallet conflict

After Verizon Wireless partnered with ISIS to support their future NFC payment service, there was skepticism whether or not this was indeed the reason Google Wallet was to be unsupported on the Galaxy Nexus. It turns out this little feature may be the cause for the seemingly infinite delays, and until Verizon and Google sort it out - we may not see the Nexus on shelves. A source over at Phandroid mentioned the new target date for the Galaxy Nexus will be December 15th, but don't get excited quite yet.

ASUS Eee Pad MeMo charted for January 2012

The ASUS Eee Pad MeMo tablet hasn't received nearly as much publicity as the Transformer Prime, but now we know why. ASUS states the MeMo 7" tablet will launch January 2012 with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on board. MeMo has been through different hardware and design stages as well, when it formerly appeared with a 3D capable display. They've since then scratched that, and will focus more on the paired functionality of the MeMic Bluetooth device to the actual tablet - after all, they do ship together.

Rumor: Verizon Galaxy Nexus pre-orders start tomorrow, release date Dec. 8th

You've heard the term "take this with a grain of salt." Well boys and girls, for this one I want you to take your metaphorical salt shaker, unscrew the cap and dump it all on the latest morsel from the rumor mill. According to Computer World's Richi Jennings, Verizon will begin taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus starting tomorrow, November 29th, with the phone itself set to be released December 8th, finally allowing US consumers a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich. The information comes from that most reliable of sources... a Verizon customer service worker.

Galaxy Nexus may not be coming until after Black Friday

Bummer. Some recent internal documents are indicating that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Google's next developer phone, the first device with Ice Cream Sandwich and pretty much the object of every Android fanboy's desire, may not be arriving on the carrier until after Thanksgiving. A timeline for Verizon's advertising campaigns put the Galaxy Nexus in the "Samsung Holiday Portfolio", which will begin on November 28th, after the weekend of Black Friday.

DROID RAZR pre-orders start tomorrow, ship out November 10th

Done and done. Rumors of the Motorola DROID RAZR's November 10th launch date seem to be right on the money, as Verizon has updates its DROID DOES mailing list with the happy news. Pre-orders will begin tomorrow, October 27th at 8 AM Eastern, and the note says that the phones themselves will begin shipping "no later than" the 10th of next month. No mention of retail availability was made, but you can bet that RAZRs will begin showing up in Verizon and partner stores shortly thereafter.