refund policy

Google gives 2-hour window for refund of apps,games

If you’re one of those people who always has buyers’ remorse after purchasing an app, whether it’s $0.99 or $9.99, you can now rest assured that your “mistake” can be corrected within two hours of buying an app or game on Google Play Store. At least, that’s what it officially says on their GPS policy page now.

Google refunding purchased and unused Google Offers

Google is getting ready to begin sending refunds to those who have purchased something through Google Offers and never redeemed the deal. Whether you simply forgot to use the offer or you weren't able to take advantage before the expiration date -- you will want to be on the lookout for an email from Google. It seems these emails have already begun showing up and Google is offering users a few options to consider.

ASUS denies refunds to Google Play purchased Nexus 7 tablets

ASUS has taken to Twitter to clear up a little confusion in regards to the refund vouchers they are issuing for people who bought a Nexus 7 just before the price drop. ASUS took to Twitter to let everyone know that any tablets purchased on Google Play are not eligible for ASUS' refunds. Originally, ASUS announced that buyers who purchased the Nexus 7 in Europe would get a £25/€30 voucher.

Google Play App policies updated with major changes

Today Google has made a rather large update to their Android Market now known as the Google Play Store. While many are reporting that they've taken steps to kill annoying in-app ads, that is only the beginning. Google's developer policy changes today are about more than just ads, it is a change in the app universe on Android -- for the better.

Android Market 15-Minute Refund Window is Unlawful in Taiwan, Google Pulls Paid Apps

I must say this news is some interesting news that is for sure. Apparently more than a few people are upset with Google and their 15-Minute refund policy window in the Android Market (us included). According to the Taipei Times, the Taipei City Government recently learned of Google’s Android Market return policies -- policies that violate Taiwanese consumer protection laws that require any product bought over the internet to have at least a 7-day "trial period." This being a law throughout Taiwan it is causing a few problems for mobile markets like the Android Market and the Apple App Store.