Mystery Moto phones with QHD screens currently being tested

We have some more Android leaks and Reddit is fast becoming a good source for information that usually turn out reliable and true. The latest subject is a mystery Motorola smartphone as shared by one redditor who said there are a number of devices being tested in Chicago complete with QHD screens and not 4K as earlier reported. These Moto phones are still unnamed but the model numbers are given: XT1578, XT1585, and XT192A.

Reddit apps edited, renamed due to policy change

Some changes happened over at reddit recently. Some reddit apps' names have been changed. The name change happened because of a revision in the licensing policy of reddit to access their API. The reddit team specifically wants third-party apps to use "for reddit" in the title of the app. This policy change warns developers not to use "reddit" without the word "for" at the beginning of the title of the app. Because of this, Reddit News app has been renamed to 'Relay for reddit' and the Reddit Now app is now called 'Now for Reddit'. Confused? Don't be. Only names have been changed.

Reddit rolls out Ask Me Anything app

Social network service Reddit has been around since 2005. It’s a place where links and posts from all over the web are submitted to be shared. Members can vote “up” if a post is interesting to make it more popular or "down" if they don't like it.

Redditor creates a new Android game… using Tasker

This is probably a testament to the endless things you can do with Tasker than anything else, but Reddit forum member “derSinologe” has posted on the social network’s /r/Android channel that he has just created a game – well, a simple one at that, but still – just by using Tasker’s settings and his Android phone’s interface.

Reddit Android app tipped by company job listing

There isn't any shortage of Reddit apps available for Android users. But as many realize -- those apps are all from third-parties. While we've been happily using some of those third party apps here, we have also been hoping to see an official Reddit app arrive in the Play Store.

HTC holding a Reddit AMA this afternoon

If you’ve been reading about HTC the past two years, you know their troubles. A failed partnership with Beats, diminished customer interest, and poor sales have dogged them. The One was/is a good handset, but failed to be the silver bullet they needed. Perhaps you’d just like to ask them yourself what’s going on. Now’s your chance.

Viddme allows for anonymous video uploads, even via mobile

Anonymity is pretty important to most of us. Though there are workarounds to mask our identity, there are few options for true distance when it comes to tethering ourselves to content. In Google’s ecosystem, we must have an identity across their services, like YouTube. Viddme is challenging that, and wants to do for video what Imgur has for photos.
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